Weekly Top of Utopian.io: May 31 - June 6

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The Weekly Top of Utopian is a showcase of Staff Picks from contributions made in the past week, hand-selected by our Community Managers from across all Utopian.io categories.


Staff Picks

This week we feature a unique analysis on account following, two very useful and well-written tutorials, three beautiful logo designs and more. We showcase some of the best contributions our Community Managers spotted on Utopian.io.

Finding those accounts who follow immediately after publishing a post by @crokkon [Analysis]


image credits: shedquarters, CC0

Not all analyses answer questions. They can either open questions or provide answers. In this contribution by @crokkon, he looked into a number of accounts that immediately followed authors after the latter made a new post. What made this contribution stand-out was its uniqueness and its attempt to answer users’ concerns. In addition to this, he provided the readers with easily understandable charts to visualize the results and supplemented these with explanations.

Total payout: 203.60 STU
Number of votes: 63

- picked by @eastmael

Create Vue Component based on Real Hardware #LED - part 3: use Rust as the computational layer by @drsensor [Tutorials]


@drsensor created a fantastically written academic-style tutorial that sheds light on hardware related concepts and managing them via Vue in a very professional, well-written, and explanatory fashion, all while combining mathematical formulas with coding.

Total payout: 115.19 STU
Number of votes: 16

- picked by @mcfarhat

Awesome web dev tutorial: Plotting NASA and SpaceX facilities on a Mapbox map using React and Leaflet.js by @nicknyr [Tutorials]


An interesting and impressive tutorial from @nicknyr about utilizing React and Leaflet to plot SpaceX and NASA locations on a map, in a well-written, simplistic, and step by step detailed tutorial.

Total payout: 119.20 STU
Number of votes: 8

- picked by @mcfarhat

Logo Design | Steeditor by @camiloferrua [Graphics]


This contribution was a winner of a task request. The beautiful logo features skillful color use, and simplicity makes the message unmistakable. It was picked by the project owner and will be adopted. The logo also works perfectly in required sizes and the contributor exhibited great communication skills when refining it to the project owner's feedback.

Total payout: 173.57 STU
Number of votes: 114

- picked by @andrejcibik

My Logo design contribution to FastReply by @roxane and @oroger by @tobaloidee [Graphics]


This logo was the winning entry in a task request. Exceptional communication with the project owner was shown before submitting. The result was a clean logo, with many variants and perfect delivery of source files.

Total payout: 176.01 STU
Number of votes: 73

- picked by @andrejcibik

Particle physics @ Utopian - Implementing an LHC analysis on a computer: the physics objects by @lemouth [Blogs]


image credits: CERN

@lemouth continues with his series about particle physics, effectively joining the main topic description with exercises for other enthusiasts. We have become witnesses of consistently high quality content from @lemouth that pushes the STEEM community forward.

Total payout: 194.64 STU
Number of votes: 810

- picked by @espoem

Beem: Cannot fetch account history of early created accounts, block number estimation gives negative values by @stmdev [Bug Hunting]


@stmdev identified a bug in which calls to fetch the account history of early created Steem accounts and block number estimation produced negative values. The report was detailed and included all the necessary steps to reproduce.

Total payout: 46.13 STU
Number of votes: 12

- picked by @sachincool

Insights on Chattt's excellent Product Hunt launch by @the-dragon [Blogs]


Chattt was introduced to Utopian.io some time ago. We had not heard about it for a while until now again. @the-dragon comes with his amazing experience of introducing Chattt in Product Hunt, where he received many positive reactions. This Staff Pick consists of this experience and all the steps that preceded the journey. He also introduces a hosting service that allowed him to sustain a bigger load of users. The app is a custom alternative to IRC.

Total payout: 133.63 STU
Number of votes: 28

- picked by @espoem

New Logo for HOMEBRIDGE by @ggabogarcia [Graphics]


This high quality logo features various color schemes that the project can use, all in clean and sleek appearance. The contributor communicated well with project owner and presented the work professionally, with plenty of sketches and a clear construction process.

Total payout (not yet upvoted): 1.11 STU
Number of votes: 27

- picked by @andrejcibik

Steem bug: Private key format(wif) errors in steem-js library by @cryptohazard [Bug Hunting]


Here, @cryptohazard produced an incredibly detailed report, putting forth a security issue together with a fix. The code analysis was in depth to show the problem and a StackOverflow link was included to further show and explain how to solve this.

There was an issue opened on GitHub prior to this, which was also properly credited to the original author. All in all, this showed incredible attention to detail and care for the actual project.

Total payout: 51.14 STU
Number of votes: 60

- picked by @sachincool


Utopian.io Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the mass of contributions reviewed and rewarded by Utopian.io.

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
development67485327.74 STU@raycoms
bug-hunting197471118.49 STU@ikramsteem
graphics88524496.56 STU@midun
documentation22152.55 STU@kurodevs
tutorials49272059.09 STU@edetebenezer
video-tutorials109773.88 STU@omersurer
analysis65708.89 STU@crokkon
ideas3310313.49 STU@sinem006
blog179754.21 STU@jayplayco


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I believe that this week was very fruitful. We have received many great contributions and I hope this state will carry on.

and where is influencer category ? abandoned or no more part of the category

Hi, the visibility category is not abandoned. It was not included as there were no contributors this week. However, shortly after this compilation, we received and evaluated a successful contribution.

Nice.. I was on holiday for a week, and I am back! I'll keep moderating and contributing more to open source. Thank you for such a great platform!

Utopian would not be as great as it is without its contributors and community.

Thanks a lot for your support ^^

Thank you for supporting us too!

The pleasure is for me, believe me!

Thanks so much Utopian! being included in staff picked was a great honor & boost to do more quality contributions. To infinity and beyond! :)

And thank you for submitting your best work!

And thank you for submitting your best work!

Thank you for sharing great articles! But what is STU ? Payouts in STU?

that's the unit of the pending payout value. 1 STU = 1 SBD. But since the curators get a share of it as SP and the author payout is typically done in 50% SBD / 50% SP, using "SBD" as unit of pending payouts led to quite some confusions. See also http://steem.supply/rewards for details.

Thank you. :)

Very happy I made this list with my SpaceX/NASA project. Thanks for featuring my project.

That's really great, thank you very much to the utopians and the whole team. @utopian-io stands up with great force. May excellence continue in all contributions :)

Thanks a lot of the nice words!

It's the first time when I've got an upvote on my latest post from you guys! And it's something that I could only dream about, really! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attention and time to read ♥️😃

HEY! I didn't know about this Weekly Top of Utopian publication, thank you very much for the mention @andrejcibik. I will continue working hard to support the utopian project, it is great!

Congratulations on being staff-picked. It's a way to highlight great contributions like yours. :) Keep up the good work!

Hi @utopian-io. I've just submitted my first utopian project. I've got a question regarding my next submission that is related to the first. I'm not sure on what the accepted protocol is on that. Do you have a discord channel, or some other method of contacting you, so I can ask what is and isn't appropriate?

Click on the join our discord server image at the end of the post to join.

Ah yes. Cheers for that, mate. I think I genuinely suffer from promotional image blindness. :) I always miss things like this.

Go this is excellent, taking notes, thanks for sharing!

its really a great queto

long live otopian-io

otopion-oi! Please don't make such silly typos :D

The spirit of society is growing and improving the financial economy thanks to utopian-io, Go Utopian-io go! getting ahead!

*I yearn to contribute again

Nice post ;) @utopian.io ;*

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WOW! I don't expect it will be getting featured.🐣 Hope I will get more feedback comments on next contribution 😁.
Glad to be part of utopian-io community.

Thanks for working more and more for such a wonderful platform, many successes!

How can I earned your points?