Utopian Rules Update #9: CrowdIn Support & Moderation Quiz. Quality Over Quantity!

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In Utopian.io we strive hard to improve quality of contributions and moderation processes. Today we are announcing a new update to the Utopian Rules that supports CrowdIn contributions back and a great improvement to the selection of moderation applicants, via the Utopian Moderation Quiz.


CrowdIn Support

As a contributor you can start contributing again on CrowdIn as long as you are enabled as a proofreader on the project. In order to get enabled as a proofreader, you should get in touch with the CrowdIn project owner or managers.

By enabling you as a proofreader the project owner entrust you will be able to successfully submit quality translations. Utopian relies on this simple fact to judge/predict wether your contribution will be valid or not.

Utopian.io is happy to announce that is collaborating with CrowdIn for a better integrated experience in the near future.

Moderation Quiz

Utopian.io is happy to release the Utopian Moderation Quiz, another milestone achieved for our journey in improving moderation processes.

Every Supervisor, Moderator or anyone willing to be part of the Utopian Moderation teams will have to complete the Utopian Moderation Quiz.

In order to pass the quiz you must have full understanding of the Utopian Rules.

Existing Moderators and Supervisors have 10 days to take the quiz from the date of this announcement.

Existing Moderators or Supervisors that won't take or fail the quiz within 10 days from this announcement will be disabled.

If you wish to become a member of the Utopian Moderation teams take the quiz anytime. The staff will review your application within 72 hours.

Visibility Category

Your ad/post should now reach an audience of a minimum 5000 people in order for your contribution to be accepted in Utopian.

Other rules have been changed, please review them all https://utopian.io/rules

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief.

Utopian.io is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


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So many great changes coming up from Utopian

Thats great!

Can't wait for the amazing kickstarter :)

Good Luck @elear and @utopian-io


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I dont agree with this rule: "As a contributor you can start contributing again on CrowdIn as long as you are enabled as a proofreader on the project. " As a Crowdin project manager I prefer to have only 2 proofreaders by language. Having 10 or 20 proofreaders will be a disaster! Note that any translator can downvote a translation or report it with a better one so the proofreader gets an alert. Proofreading is not just translate, its getting things better and solving issues. So please find a new way to solve things and drop this requirement


Sorry, I am a native speaker of Indonesia and an I have been active in utopian since two months ago. All of my contributions are Translations. Honestly, I have ever seen a lot of contributions with low-quality translations because the contributors are not qualified and their translations were out of the context. Therefore, every contribution on translations should be derived from proofreaders based on their native languages. I believe that the rules are changed based on deep consideration in order to produce higher quality contributions. That's what I have observed so far @horus68

audience of 5000

Wat it means ? To contribute the user need to have 5000 follower ? Pretty tough or u need to review

@elear @utopian-io


No, it means that you have to reach 5000 people.

i am happy this exciting change i also confuse about 5000 followers?

Great improvements :). The best is yet to come

@elear , sir I would like to ask if you still support translations directly to Github since some projects don't yet support crowdin for localizations?


Yes translations submitted via github PRs are still accepted. You can refer to https://utopian.io/rules.



@utopian-io Hello to all Utopians, nice to Steem you! (especially to @freedom and @wackou :-)) Sorry if I'm (slightly) off the main topic, but I'm currently trying to sign up on Utopian.io (I've already written an article i'd like to share), and the Sign Up button on the Utopian.io home leads me to a "Page Not Found" screen (here: https://steemit.com/pick_account). Is it a bug, or new members admissions are they freezed for some period?


Great question


will be very good work...


You no longer need to create a new steemit account. Just use your Steemit account and yoir active key from your wallet to log in.


Thanks a lot @eastmael! So I guess the erasing of the "Sign Up " button on the Utopian.io homepage has been considered :-)


It should remain there for Users who still don't have a Steemit account. I checked Utopian's homepage and see the problem. The new steemit URL is https://signup.steemit.com.

Great post.

very nice I liked it tenks


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Thank You! ⚜

Thanks for this update. Many milestones are being attained by the great project on a regular basis. Kudos!

Like it

mybe this post is a best utopian
Nice post


Good vision @utopian-io ....voted you as a witness....done.

Lets rock the Fu n on!

Dear reader,
Vote for Utopian Moderators as Witness


"Moderation Quiz" is a real game changer

What code html do you use to create those "walls" classifing people? Im looking foward to increase the quality of my posts and that tool looks great.

Welcome Back CrowdIn!

good job

maybe this is a best utopian

Success is always hope the longer growing 💪💪

Thanks for the update!!

Been waiting for this update.
Great work @utopian-io!


Please submit your contribution reviews through Discord. Here's an invite link:



crowdin Is Back thaknsyou @utopian-io

So i got to the moderation test to be a moderator, i think ten days is too much, they are the supervisors and moderators here, they should be givem three, and those seeking to be potential moderators should be allocated the 10 days

Really a great news

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thanks to this kind of transformation. we are looking forward to this innovation. salute to the people behind this organization and for making a big impact to the siteemian community

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i made a visibility contributions before this announcement, and followed the previous rules hope it will be approved, did not see this rules before making contributions.

its greaat news to restart working tgether with crowdin again. thanks for all the hard work your are doing to give good qualty content. thansk utopian and all your team

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It's great news that Utopian is improving.
I love the idea of focusing on quality instead of quantity.
Steem On!

Best ! I love this platform a lot.

Congratulations for your work, I hope they allow you to make contributions in Spanish soon.

great work,, this project is really helping a lot to this community

thank you to the people behind great job

Dear @utopian-io , your posts cannot reach an audience of a minimum 5000 people. This rule this rule prevents translation because any post here cannot an audience of a minimum 5000 people.


Dude! You're totally mixing different categories on that :-D
Read the article again ;-)

It's obvious you are looking for quality posts. Lots of rules! :)
Great work. Joy

Nice post! I will follow you from now on. +UP