Utopian Public Poll 12/09/2017. The Results.

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In Utopian.io we have been running a public poll to make the decisional process democratic. The public poll is on Discord.

Changes to the rules and to the platform were discussed and soon implemented during the Utopian Poll 12/09/2017.


Results Of The Utopian Poll

  • Should we integrate other platforms other than github in the short term? Vote yes only if you believe this functionality is a must have in the short term. [RESULT: NO]
  • We should accept valid, non-official GitHub repos such as inkscape/inkscape? [RESULT: YES]
  • We should accept always OFFICIAL repositories even if they are just mirrors. [RESULT: YES]
  • Should we only allow contributions on repositories that have not been inactive for more than 1 year? [RESULT: YES]
  • Un-official contributions on repos will be rejected unless present in a publicly readable "non-official GitHub repos" whitelist. [RESULT: YES]
  • We will provide a specific rule for every category where it is necessary to be informative and narrative. [RESULT: YES]
  • Should we reject a contribution if it has been shared somewhere else before by the same author, but not yet in Utopian? [RESULT: YES]
  • Should we allow same translations from different authors, if we can clearly evaluate that the latest translation is an enhancement of the previous one and not just copy and paste? [RESULT: YES]
  • Should we allow only translations made on CrowdIn or Github and stop translations directly made on the Utopian post? [RESULT: YES]
  • We will change the rule for the translations category, so to actually evaluate the work based on the number of WORDS [RESULT: YES]
  • We won't accept proof-reading as valid translation contribution. [RESULT: NO]
  • Moderators may ask contributors to enhance the format of the post and to use a more professional and formal writing style. [RESULT: YES]
  • Should we give moderators a quality voting slider (0-10) functioning as quality metric for the bot? [RESULT: YES]
  • The moderator may require to show an animated GIF or video if the bug is not easy to reproduce for contributions in the category bug-hunting. [RESULT: YES]
  • Should we only allow graphic contributions if the project owner is requesting for a specific design? [RESULT: YES]
  • Analysis Category: You should include example scripts which generated the results for your analyses, if applicable, or any informartion on how the data was generated [RESULT: YES]
    Analysis Category: Script-generated analyses should be entered in a separate category and given much less reserved voting power from the Utopian Bot. [RESULT: YES]
  • Graphic Category: If you are providing a logo, you should also provide the different logo variations in terms of sizes and colors and also compare the new logo with the previous one, if applicable. [RESULT: YES]
  • Video Tutorials: Should video tutorials also have a transcript? [RESULT: NO]
  • Video Tutorials: The video and audio recording should be in HD (480 the min) [RESULT: YES]
  • Moderators could reject a tutorial or video tutorial if the work involved seems not enough to be rewarded. [RESULT: YES]
  • Copywriting. We should state what is meant for copywriting work in details. [RESULT: YES]
  • Copywriting. Remove the rule that the copywriting work can only be accepted if in a merged Github Pull Request. [RESULT: YES]
  • BLOG We will only accept high quality contents. The mission is to become the Medium.com for Open Source in the long run. [RESULT: YES]
  • Utopian should allow project owners to stop contributions for a specific task request, suggestions, bug hunting, etc. [RESULT: YES]
  • Supervisors should get a percentage of the total moderated contributions of their team in order to be rewarded for their work while also being focused on managing the team and increase the quality. [RESULT: YES]
  • Moderators should have an higher percentage of rewards, by either decreasing the percentage given to the sponsors or by splitting a portion of the curation rewards earned by Utopian. Please give a comment with your proposal and how this percentage should look like. . [RESULT: YES]
  • Provide a posting limit (either in terms of # per day, or # per week) to prevent spam or reward hogging from getting out of control. [RESULT: YES]
  • A moderator should ALWAYS gives at least one opportunity to fix/edit a post, and NEVER rejects and hide it on the first sight, unless it is too obvious. [RESULT: YES]

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief.

Utopian.io is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


A Special Thanks to The Sponsors

@freedom (Vote for Witness)
@wackou (Vote for Witness)
@xeldal (Vote for Witness)
@lafona-miner (Vote for Witness)
@steempty (Vote for Witness)
@good-karma (Vote for Witness)
@thecryptodrive (Vote for Witness)
@netuoso (Vote for Witness)
@furion (Vote for Witness)
@jesta (Vote for Witness)
@jerrybanfield (Vote for Witness)
@ajvest (Vote for Witness)
@reggaemuffin (Vote for Witness)
@yabapmatt (Vote for Witness)
@forykw (Vote for Witness)
@delegate.lafona (Vote for Witness)
@agoric.systems (Vote for Witness)
@teamsteem (Vote for Witness)
@dragosroua (Vote for Witness)
@rival (Vote for Witness)

@drakos (Vote for Witness)
@sircork (Vote for Witness)
@evildido (Vote for Witness)
@dimitrisp (Vote for Witness)
@jatinhota (Vote for Witness)

A Special Thanks to The Moderators


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Great insight

Contributors will be happy to have more opportunities to fix mistakes, and will love moderators for being more communicative and not just insta-bury posts. 🤗

I just created the insta-bury term? Copyright @nehomar just in case.


I like this initiative and support it.

However steem is a pretty positive place and I think you are going to get a lot of Yes responses (there are 26 Yes above, and only 3 No).

It may be worth analysing the results and implementing some kind of threshold (e.g. 60% or 66% two thirds majority).

As someone living in a country basing its future on a 51%-49% majority, I'd argue it doesn't always produce the best result!

is this an ICO


No, in Utopia.io you get rewards here on steemit for colaboration on open source projects.
If you have Any skill (coding, translation, writing, analysis, and others) you should try It.
Check the utopia.io page to see If there is a way for you to contribute, If you find the Idea interesting enough.


hello, I have an idea but I don't want to use my password on utopian, can I propose it ?


Well, you can propose here on steemit, but If you Join utopia.io If you Idea or contribution is a quality one, you get upvoted from moderators that have big accounts, and you get a big reward.
Like they say, posting only here "you are by yourself"
I dont think there is Any problem in joining, because they use the steemconnect API, and your password isnt stored by then.


the problem that they don't accept the posting key, but just the active key, I need just to post there why they need my active key. The active key is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market. Why they need that if I want just to post !

Whatever happens, happened by the decision of whole community and i am proud to see it! Thank you utopian for everything you have done for.

Oh you touch my tralala,

Very good poll questions. I see @Utopian-io on the moon already.

Being the first platform to ever reward open-source contributors is no small feat.

@elear has been on the mantle of leadership a powerful STeemian with an imaginative mind.

Keep upping friends!

result looks okay

Provide a posting limit (either in terms of # per day, or # per week) to prevent spam or reward hogging from getting out of control. [RESULT: YES]

so the limit would be shown on utopian platform or what?

Looking forward to seeing what great projects can come out of this, thanks for sharing @utopian-io

Great 👍 Start

The result looks promising. Hopefully, we see better contributions from now on :)

Well this format of public pools have proven to be a big success. :)

Great insight

The new Rules after the poll looks more promising :) :) The utopian platform gets better and better. <3 <3

wellcome ...
result looks really ok

@utopian-io I yearn for a name here. hahahha. Can it?? in what way?
emm ... thanks @elear


New rules is good. Thanks for everything

I just voted you as a witnesses. It really seems you know what you're doing.

Keep up your good work!