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For information about the (former) Utopian project please read the latest official announcement


Consider reaching out to Coinfund, which has a decent Steem stake and is focused on crypto economics and investments.

I don't represent them or anything but they'd be one of the best partners you could ask for.

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Thanks. We'll definitely look into that

This is amazing news and if someone can pull this of it's the Utopian Team! Lots of great minds and hard workers there. I wish you good luck! I'll keep translating under my alt-account and am excited to see the project grow for years to come.

Thank you! We look forward the success of Utopian and our community as a whole.

We have collected almost 70K contributions for over 8k open source repositories,

That is some very impressive numbers!

And we are just getting started :)

Yea! there are many active open source projects which can be brought in. Another area is the translation projects. If the value of the Steem stays reasonable, this is an excellent model. May be something like Stable coins using Bitshares or so can be thrown into make sure that the return the developers gets is lucrative.

Very cool. You guys got me on Steem and really help me I. So many ways, good luck on your goals! And I'll be sure to continue using your amazing service.

Can't wait to see Utopian platform rock the developer. This platform is quite unique. I feel like it's a combination of Github (as a social platform) and OpenCollective (as a way to seek funding). Hope this platform will be big and last forever, supporting any kind of OSS, either from individu or organization 🤘.

This is the way... Im in to spread the word.
Cheers for this step!
And resteemed as it shoulds!

Thanks for your support @leotrap!

Great initiative that seems to be looking towards the next level which is encouraging. I look forward to more details as it could be a great project for the ecosystem.

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Don't hesitate to get in touch for any question :)

Is there a whitepaper or bluepaper that we can go through?

Hello @reverseacid we can provide a live demo of the product. Get in touch [email protected]

Hi, @utopian-io!

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Oooh wow, good luck!!! It's been an awesome year and a bit so far! I can't wait to see what comes out of this!

Glad to have shared this journey with you!

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