$5K Bounties! Urgent Tasks Before KickStarter - React Devs

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Utopian.io is looking for 2 or more React Developers to join urgent development streams, necessary ones before launching the Kickstarter campaign.

Bounties available.

Moderation Functionalities - 1 React Dev

In order to be ready for the possible pick in contributions after launching the Kickstarter campaign, Utopian.io is looking to improve the moderation system.

1. Cross-Editing. $500 worth of Steem + Utopian upvotes

Moderators should be able to edit:

  • a. Repository
  • b. Categories, even from contributions to task requests.
  • c. Tags. The API already supports cross-editing.

The functionality needs to be integrated in the contribution details, StoryFull component by integrating inline editing functionalities for mods.

2. Quality Slider + Questionnaire: $800 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

On every contribution (not task requests) Moderators should fill a short questionnaire, made ad hoc for every contribution category. By filling the questionnaire a quality slider will be set. The questionnaire should make 80% max of the quality slider, while the remaining 20% can be set freely by the Moderator. The Utopian bot vote will then use the quality as a main factor for calculating the voting weight.

  • Requires integration with API and edits on the API. Another developer will take care of the API changes.
  • Moderators should never be able to approve or reject a contribution without first filling the questionnaire and consequently only after having set the quality slider.
  • Related Task: Moderation should not also be able to reject or accept a contribution without having successfully added a comment before.

The functionality needs to be integrated in the contribution details, StoryFull component, on the moderation modals/alerts when accepting or rejecting a contribution.

3. Pending Timeout: $450 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

In the contributions details a moderator should have a button to set the contribution as pending. A contribution should be pending for no longer than 1 hour. If the moderator does not either accept or reject a contribution within an hour, the contribution will be set to pending false.

  • Requires integration with the API. A node developer will take care of that.
  • On the contribution details the frontend should be constantly checking if a contribution suddenly became pending and alert another moderator that may be viewing the same contribution that another moderator is on it.

4. Moderators Activity: $650 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

On every profile of every enabled Moderators, there should be a tab to see which contributions a Moderator has rejected/accepted/pended, sortable by date "since" and "until" and by status rejected/accepted/pending.

  • The API should be ready for that. May still require further improvements.


Edit Post, Moderation functionalities on StoryFull component, API integration


Monday 5, February 2018

Github Issues and More - 1/More React Dev/s

There are some minor and major bugs affecting the Utopian.io Frontend. We should clean the github issues feed and do some more enhancements.

1. Clean Github Issues: $1000 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

2. Open Website to Public: $300 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

Utopian.io is now only accessible if you are logged in. The site should be open back again and only redirects to join.utopian.io if the user logs out.

  • Requires checking SEO issues.
  • May require changes to the API. A node developer will take care of that.

3. Cookies, TOS and Privacy Acceptance: $500 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

Utopian.io will soon become a SRLS, the equivalent of a LTD. We need to make sure users accept Cookies. We also need to make sure the users should accept terms of service and privacy regulations if they have not done that yet.

  • TOS and privacy policies will be given to you in specific pages.
  • Cookie acceptance should happen be on join.utopian.io and utopian.io. The cookie plugin should remember if the user has already accepted the cookie policy.
  • Will require changes in the API. One node developer will take care of that.

4. Login Redirect: $150 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

When logging in a modal should show up and explain briefly what SteemConnect is and redirect to SC within 3 seconds.

  • Contents to write in the modal will be provided to you.

5. Wallet From Busy.org: $200 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

  • Integration of the wallet from Busy.org. Utopian is a originally a fork of Busy.org.

6. FAQ: $350 worth of Steem + Utopian Upvotes

Completely refactor the FAQ page using an accordion.

  • Requires integration and changes to the API. A node developer will take care of that.
  • Contents of the FAQ will be provided by the backend in the form of an array of objects.


Landing join.utopian.io, Login / Logout Procedures, Auth verification on front and API, New sections for TOS, Privacy Policy, Wallet, FAQ.


Monday 12, February 2018


Please get in touch with us on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x and mention or DM @elear.

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief.

Utopian.io is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


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First I am hearing about this project. Yes the 5K bounty helped :)

Will do

Perfect. Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

let me join your Discord,

All honest work is good work; it is capable of leading to self-development, provided the doer seeks to discover the inherent lessons and makes the most of the potentialities for such growth.
steem on @utopian-io

it will grow too quickly indeed <3

@elear @utopian thankz you just made my day

I didnt really get how utopian works..
I do stuff for the community and get rewarded?
Where are the rewards come from?

@utopian-io upvotes contributors with a bot powered by almost 4M steem power

Okay, I will do this -

Perfect. Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

Thanks will do.

it is very cool done))

I wish I had more time for this....

This is an amazing way to get some good development. I will let all my programmer friends in on this.

Any use for a java dev? I’m guessing no...

Not atm unfortunately. But lets keep in touch. On Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

Fair enough. I’ll swing by the Discord, best of luck :)

as long as your project can be source controlled or if you contribute to some other projects

KS ? Cool / Resteemed

a team leader must set an example for others to follow.

I don't understand what is Utopian-io

Such a shame I'm a complete noob when it comes to computer programming. Wish I had taken an IT course in college. Still it's this is a good opportunity to people with the required skills. Good luck to the applicants.

You can start learning it now. There will be other opportunities.

My suggestion is to never go to college for programming. They can't keep up on whats new/niche in the software world, and most only give pay bonuses to people with degrees.

I've got some tutorials to help you get started. Unfortunately I don't know react though. Should learn it definitely.

The time is now... The technology is Fresh.. Hit the books 😀

Man, I wish I was a react developer, or know at least knew what that was.

ReactJS is an extension (or Library) of Javascript. A ReactJS developer is one who knows how to use it.

P.S. Thank you @ashispavan for the correction.

ReactJS is NOT a programming language, but a UI library written in Javascript. It is used to create front end web applications.

JS is Javascript which is pretty much the only language that all browsers can run and allows for interactivity on websites. Can do the back-end and front-end of a website. React is like Vue or Angular, they're all front-end frameworks that have built-in functionality for coding for the web. Vue is the newest one and only one not backed by a major corporation. Many avoid React these days because its terms of use don't guarantee that Facebook and Instagram won't interfere with whatever is built on top of React in the future. Angular is backed by Google. Vue is very popular among Chinese users.

it's all Greek to me

Let's try to put it in english. Thanks to that technology we can allow you to read this comment and if you like it click in the vote icon and when you click then change the amount shown as reward for my comment and also change the icon to let you know that you already voted in this comment. I sometimes think about it as the same way I have to write in english for you to understand I also have to write (programs) in another language for the computer to understand (In this case like someone said before the browser) and the name of the language we are talking about here is ReactJS. There are many other because is easier to talk to the computer (In this case the browser) depending on what you want to do.

I the other hand don't wish to be a ReactJS developer and go to Dtube, Utopian-io (Let's start from there resources we already have here), Google and so on. Try to do the minimum and the moment you don't understand a word like we do when we try to learn a new language, go and search in the dictionary (In this case Internet) what that means and when you learn it then keep going. Nothing is easy at the beginning but you can do it.

Wow you really did a great job there!

Thanks, I believe there are many really brilliant creatives among us.

Need to dance with some Excel VBA, I'm your guy.

Wawwwwwww amazing dev of kickstarter in utopian-io. Hopefully I am to be come one of this team. My post about utopian too. I have designed many creative logo. Thanks for information.

the correct writing after the number 2 is 3 instead of number 4, it seems wrong, he he

Thanks. Fixed :)

No problem brother 😉

Good, gread article.

Good luck @Utopian.io

Cool...nice work going on here.

Good luck with the search and initiative.

please help ya in order to pot like my friends. thank you

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I want join utopian. How i can do ?

the bounties are large, well so is the works involved, i envy devs now ☺
would have opt for this 😢

I want to do it too 🚩

Nice, React dev here :) I 'd like to get started, but I'm not familiar with your code base. Any suggestions for good first issues?

Perfect. Sure! Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

Do these bounties use the Utopian platform? I mean in the sense of 'Eat Your Own Dog Food'.

Will be possible very soon as well :)

Whoaw, so interest, I will do. But What I can?

I know a lot of react developers in the NYC area. I'll see if any of them would be interested.

Perfect. Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

how can we join

Sharing this post with one of my friend who is an awesome developer

Perfect. Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

How can we join?
Do I need to learn any programming language?

Yes... they want react developers.

@utopian-io too bad that I ve zero skills and knowledge relating to your post here.
As a newbie I'd ve given this opportunity on this post all my best💪.
Well there's no need to cry over spilled milk.

Am I the only one wondering why at Moderation Functionalities - 1 React Dev the order is :D

Fixed. Thanks :)

Great, resteemed, voted too.

post remarkable, allow me to resteem your blog ..
I am already follow you @utopian-io

This is an amazing opportunity for people who are into coding and programming. I wish all the luck for the individuals who are up for this task. If anyone needs a product promotion or ad space or need a content writing services please do get back to me. I will be happy to help you guys and this is my area of strength where I have made good amount of passive money over the ears.

very nice bro

I just wanna be here. Guess I will learn a lot.

Nice, good posting.
Thank you for posting

Im just a guy who wants to be part of something great let me know if you want someone who can do the simple stuff and make videos or train others how to do and use the new platform

seem like a great project :)

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Dang this project looks awesome! Any ICO with utopia in the name should be great right! I mean, they definitely are confident!

This is really huge

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Is there any project in need of Vue.js developer?

We also have some Vue based apps. Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

count me, I will do

resteemed Sir!

I feel left out here..... just gotta start something.

I'd like to help! How can I contribute? :) (I'm a React Dev, a little more than a year's experience)

Perfect. Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

Hi nice work I want to be like all you.

It sounds like a great opportunity, I really wish I had the knowledge for these tasks lol

i will do this.


Great Working. i will alos try this

Thanks for the informations! ☺

** @utopian-io **

Hey, I'm doing Operation Translation by @papa-pepper, and I'd like to translate this post to Chinese. Would you be up for letting me do it? This is just such a great post and I think more people should read it! I would follow @papa-pepper's guidelines, including a link to your post and crediting you in the title.

What about the questionnaire. I can help developing that questionnaire and help to get it filled.

Sure. If you have any suggestion please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

Nice ! make me know about it.

This is The most interesting Post on Steemit, i gave you my upvote now, you heard about it ?

Count me in

Perfect. Please DM on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am @elear there as well.

Great work. thanks for this information.

nice post bro...keep it up

잘보고 갑니다.^^
have a good time :)

Wouldn't be there any pre-launch? Also, is it going to be 30 days crowdfunding campaign? Have you created introductory video?

Hey sure. We did but we also need to create more contents for that and a roadmap. Probably that will go live second half of February.

Javascript dev with Angular here but i'm sure I can pull through with react as well

A good and interesting article

Anything on Python ?

it is very good thanks share whit us

this is great to do

Nice the post,,

  1. Is there a ticket board somethere?
  2. How to track which one is in TODO phase and which one is in development?
  3. Are tasks for this repo https://github.com/utopian-io/utopian.io?

Hey yes @cron that's the repo. As for the TODO we don't have that yet. I am working on it. We are dividing the tasks on our #devteam channel on Discord and discussing them there. https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x

I love competition...i will try...i might be the lucky one

Interested in this. I have passion for development and love to make code bug free. So happy i came across this fantastic post.


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very nice, I see your posts add to the science and I'll try it that way, maybe I'm still a beginner, if you have time to spare can be guided me and sharing our knowledge and we can share knowledge news about steemit.

Is it too late?

Nice Article

I would love to visit there. Great article!

Wow that is some big cash on the table.

This is great you´re gonna be here for a while :P :D

Hahaha wonderful day my friend! and wonderful post!

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