Translation Contribution Submissions Paused Until Further Notice

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As of today, will refrain from accepting contributions to the translation category and access to this category will be blocked on until further notice.


Due to the rampant abuse of the Translation category on Utopian, we've paused the submission of translation contributions to in the past. So far, even with multiple improvements and adjustments to Utopian contribution submission rules, we are still seeing too much abuse of the Utopian reward system and platform in this specific category.

With the damage these abusers are causing the Utopian brand and its community of genuine Open Source contributors, we have no choice but to completely refrain from accepting contributions to this category at this time and until a solution can be implemented.

We apologize for this, and hope to resume rewarding quality translation contributions within the next few weeks.

Work in Progress...

We have been working closely with the team at CrowdIn to reach a technical solution to provide us with the necessary tools to effectively moderate and reward quality translations on the platform.

It is our hope that once CrownIn integration is implemented on Utopian, we will see no abuse and a lot more rewards to quality translators helping internationalize valuable Open Source projects.

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THANK YOU. I was actually put off from voting for Utopian posts due to EVERYTHING being translations.

Thank you for taking a step towards what it is supposed to be used for. Open Source Work.

Here here!

To be honest, I always thought the Translation posts are something you write to just get rewards. Imagine, who will actually read the Posts ? Those posts do not bring any values (I am not talking about the translation part).

For example, Bug posts -> they are pushed to github (short term); Tutorial -> they are valuable for a long term; Development -> they are value for a long term. Posts, Analysis, Video Tutorial etc bring values.

But, the Translation posts, do not bring any values in the short or long term. They are just posts to get rewards!

I have done high-value translations for rewards. App internationalization certainly has both short-term and long term value, because it expands the audience of the app or program.
I would agree that low-value quickie translations, and it's hard to tell a translation is of good quality or not if you don't speak the language!

Hi, I am not denying the contribution of translations. I am just saying the Utopian Translation Posts (the post itself) do not bring much values.

I would agree with that. Unfortunately it's a good thing that is being abused. :-(

I cannot agree - translations are useful for the open source projects to gain more audience and testers and being supported by Utopian and Steemit could mean millions of new users/year both for Steemit and Open Source Projects due to the Credits and Word to Word "advertising".

Basically and Steemit gives translations and receives credit and "free" advertising from the Open Source Projects which will lead eventually to a huge increase in Steemit User Base and since Steem value is linked to that Steem dollar and Steem Token value will increase too.

Couldn't agree more. I think until a better solution can be reached, Utopian can implement a system where only project owner/moderator can request Translation. After that contributors can contribute. It may reduce fraud.

The translations posted until this Announcement will be verified by mods?

Thanks in advance.

They will. Posting new contributions is not possible.

Thank you for the fast answer.


It's a pity so much time is lost battling abuses. As one of the very first mods I enjoyed the enthusiasm of us and @elear. I witnessed this project grow from a Utopian idea into something real. I sincerely hope you find a way to stay close to the root ideas without too much effort being wasted on people that are only in it for the money.

Open-source is not about making money. If you think about it like that you have a lot to learn and you won't last, go hide in a corner of shame stupid abusers!

ughh, people looking for a quick buck are killing the goose that lay the golden egg. These people are stupid.

They are, badly.

People would always try to get an advantage of something is giving them easy money, the solution (for me) could be hiring more moderators through harder tests and making them read carefully every translation they accept, I've seen stupid machine translations being approved and something like a Chinese mod approving Spanish/Arab translations (for example), I'm not here to be judging but the system must be at least hard to scam and it's not.

This is a great news, a lasting solution should be found and implemented.
Crowdin should fasten the integration that will hope to reward original quality translators leaving no room for the abusers.

Crowdin will release functionalities on their platform which we believe will help a lot our Moderation process. They have been such a great help so far!

We patiently wait

It is our hope that once CrownIn integration is implemented on Utopian, we will see no abuse and a lot more rewards to quality translators helping internationalize valuable Open Source projects.

As soon as we can come up with a final set of verification rules and also with the great support of CrowdIn, we will be able to filter abusers away!

Alright, Thanks.

why don't we start accepting contribution on github only , until we find a solution for crowdin

.. the damage these abusers are causing the Utopian brand and its community of genuine .. contributors

So, the known translators, that are not abusers, can't contribute either? interesting, It's like putting the whole population of a country in jail because someone did something wrong.

.. within the next few weeks

What the translation moderators are going to do now?

We have been working closely with the team at CrowdIn

I hope is not just integration, but adding a lot of things that platform (crowdin) lacks.

This is a permanent situation, or it's just a matter of time ?

until further notice.

Pretty much until Crowdin assists us regarding verification process.

We have been working closely with the team at CrowdIn to reach a technical solution to provide us with the necessary tools to effectively moderate and reward quality translations on the platform.

CrowdIn will deliver great solutions on their platform, that will for sure also simplify the Utopian moderation process.

i hope will be not permanente..

(IMO) I agree with this decision, but it must be decided how to proceed in the future. Because all the friends who have given up their time to offer quality translations will be disappointed.

Abused by moderators who reject others contribution and taking all projects by themselves?

I don't think that's the case. Abuses are everywhere in this category. Pausing is temporary until a final filter can be implemented.

No, they are mostly abused by people that use machine translators to put minimal effort into their submissions, people that don't speak English communicatively, let alone on a translator level, looking for a way to make money on steem. And much, much more.

We fight abuse inside of our team and we believe that there's hardly any, if even any, abuse happening at the time when I'm writing this comment.

Okay, I got it. I hope the problem can be resolved soon. But I saw a moderator that posted translation contribution 5 times a day. I think you should limit contribution by same people to prevent exploitation.

There's definitely a bit too much abuse in general, it's unfortunate but understandable you had to do this and it looks like you've got great support on a solution to move forward so that's awesome!

I believe this is a step in the right direction but as before, it hurts the honest translators even more and there would have been a way to have whitelist of verified translators (which is pretty easy to find out) and that way, it will somehow sanitize the categories so that only recognized translators are approved for now and as a Mod, I have figured out the legit translators from those abusers based on the quality of their contributions.... But just outta curiosity, is this notice for ALL contributions in the translation category or for the contribution to the translation category being done on crowdin? Because I also found out that translations being done on github seems to have better quality and accuracy and less room for abusers to hold sway...

Nice post, nice to meet you

Good call I really admire how you shape utopian regulations rules and according the behavior of the people. You guys have best regulations and it will be even better in the future.

Hi @Elear,

Ned’s team timcliff is working on encouraging users to promote Steemit, I suggested to him that all the steemit official announcement were issued in English. Steemit is global, there are so many users could not understand English at all and some of them might be the protentional investors. People would not invest something that they did not really understand it. Once they understood, they will decide to invest it or not, but it is so important for them to understand what is Steemit and what is the updated information about this community.

Utopian-io has so many different language translators and translator moderators. Please advise if Utopian-io can help to translate some of their announcements/official posts to different languages.

Thank you so much!

I am saddened by the news and hope that it will be possible to resolve this problem. As a professional translator and proofreader I'm very well aware that the current approach can be breached by people that crave for reward only. Keep up your good work!

good luck

They will Posting new contributions is not possible,,,,,

No not possible until further notice.

LOL, damn these abusers. Now, because of them genuine translators are getting punished. Hopefully this time they will be permanently discouraged to translate on Utopian.

Good posting.

Utopian is doing the best job on Steemit so far!

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@utopian-io it's awesome. You must get rid of some moderators too. they are just sitting there and abuse the system to get easy money.

a few months and this website will become full of poems and literature. those project are just draining money for nothing. Some of the projects don't even have the open source output material.

But overall, talented and professional translators can be found, you just need to let the community decide for you, or take this question more seriously.

You did the right thing.

wow ... a very great post, an interesting posti, I really like you. very generous person.@utopian-io

huft, I've dijeamah 1500 words even so so its, it's bad luck.
how long should we wait to be able to contribute the translation again ?. @utopian-io

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Glad to hear it. I was just finishing writing about the bad experience of receiving poor translation submissions coming from Utopians in my open source projects. Hope you fix this soon.

@utopian-io the “Log In” button on does not work on iOS Chrome/Safari. If I login on thru steemconnect it redirects me to after few seconds

All good now. I just had to accept the Terms of use

Can you tell us in what ways the translation category was being abused?

In future posts regarding this topic please explain the verification process on Crowdin in a better way. In the last 2 posts regarding the translation issue on Utopian, the staff said 2 contradicting things which ended up sounding confusing.

First they said that one should contact the manager of a Crowdin project in order to be verified as a proofreader, so that one could then be rewarded by Utopian. But in a later post they said that doing so could lead to PERMANENT BAN.

Thank you in advance, I will wait for a response to my doubts,

Kind regards.

Who will most likely abuse a system where only mods can approve a post?

On point.

I just finished doing my supposed to be 1st contribution to translation section in utopian-io and after looking through all posts about it being postponed, just would like to ask if my work will still be considered to be rewarded once accepting of submissions are back to normal?

What about Github translations?

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We don't, just wait for us!

lol, thats funny... i can see him sitting there patiently waiting...


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I don't know why but I can bet someone will Flag you for those spams.

Later edit: Told ya.