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As we've announced, The Anti-abuse category's trial period, from which we have learned a lot, is done. After a short audit phase we are ready to bring the antiabuse category back and open it for everyone. The Anti-abuse category no longer requires a whitelist, as we aim to incentivise as much educational and informative contents as possible from the diverse antiabuse communities on the Steem blockchain.

The antiabuse category received excellent contributions during the trial period. Here you can find some of the best:

Flagging comment spam is a regular part of curation. Let’s learn how! by @steemseph

Plagiarism & Cheetah - An Antiabuse Series #1 by @iamstan

Scam: Your Funds and Friends Aren't Safe by @lovenfreedom

Future Plans

As we move toward Utopian V2, we want to expand the Anti-abuse category to create a knowledge base for the Steem blockchain and beyond on the topic of cybersecurity.

If you're a cyber/internet security professional, get in touch with us to contribute to the creation of the Guidelines and Quality Questionnaire for the cybersecurity category.

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Can we start contributing or are you still working out the whitepaper?

Wow! 🙏 I am truly honored to be featured in this post. I enjoyed many of the other beautiful contributions to the abuse category.
I’m working on a new one, but I gotta clean it up.
I wish all Steem projects would discourage block chain abuse like Utopian-IO. Thanks for helping Steem and it’s authentic users.

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Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to work with @utopian-io to fight abuse. It is great to teach others about what is abuse and define the types of abuse the community wants stopped.
Now Utopian is spearheading that effort.
We are all super excited to work with computer security experts to expand beyond the blockchain and develop tools and teams to fight abuse on the web.
Utopian has a bright future. Glad to be a part of it.

cool, ban all bastards

More educational and informative; oh that's will be great.

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