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Hey @ilvstranger I am @utopian-io. I have just super-voted you at 28% Power!


-Utopian has detected 2 bot votes. I am the only bot you should love!!


-I am a bot...I need someone spotting my bugs!
-Good amount of information. Thank you!
-Much more informative than others in this category. Good job!
-Votes on this contribution are going well. Nice!
-You are having more votes than average for this category. Nice!
-This is your first accepted contribution here in Utopian. Welcome!
-You have just unlocked 6 achievements. Yeah!
Up-vote this comment to grow my power and help Open Source contributions like this one.


Regarding love... i love humans ;-) Even not all of them deserve it. It is what it is.

With all these platforms and all this world where things are happening too fast for most of the humans it is impossible to not have simple things missing or not working.

I love the way you put it to work as bug hunting, ideas, translations etc... with also some incentives for the ones they do it.

I always loved to give feedback to people on how things work, especially when they didn't worked.

Few took them in consideration. I also put on my old blog solutions to issues that i've found or just presenting good software that can help us to manage better our work or just interaction with computers and what we do.

So, being here is not for incentive thing, it is a thing that i do.

Unfortunately, i'm not a programmer even i wish i will at some point, who knows.

I did upvote with my tiny power and will also give some donation to your website. It is not much, but it is what i have now ;-). For sure it helps if more like me will do it.

Till next time, cheers!

P.S.: I also hope that a human will read that response to you... ;-)

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