CrowdIn Loves Utopian!

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Andriy Poznakhovskyy, Head of Customer Support in CrowdIn was quick to respond and offer to help get CrowdIn support back on Utopian, shortly after Utopian announced dropping it. Isn't this love?

utopian-post-banner.png has recently announced dropping CrowdIn support due to difficulties in properly reviewing contributions, and due to the lack of a CrowdIn API to help scale the moderation process.

Just after the announcement Andriy Poznakhovskyy, Head of Customer Support in CrowdIn, replied to the tweet.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 20.13.39.png

CrowdIn Knows Utopian Exists And It Is Loving it!

Not only did CrowdIn get in touch directly, but we also received numerous messages from project owners interested in Utopian's continued support for CrowdIn contributions. We couldn't be happier! is working hard to resume accepting CrowdIn translations as soon as possible and we will work directly with CrowdIn to scale the moderation process.

Utopian Support for CrowdIn Contributions

Contributors will be happy to know will apply the best possible short term solution to re-enable CrowdIn contribution submission as early as next week, while working on long term interoperability solutions, and a deeper integration of CrowdIn contribution and collaboration in Utopian.

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief. is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


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I guess crowdin support team was contributing on utopian :)

haha they like utopian rewards

I believe they noticed we are sending like hundreds of translations every single day

hahah omeratagun, it seems so! :) :)

Crowdin can't ignore utopian-io.... Haha

ahhah I think so. during working on crowdin many project owner contacted me to say thanks. so i tell them about utopian idea they got happy lol


My fighting spirit seems to have recurred as a translator .. hahaha


It's a great news @utopian-io !! I just learn how to submit via github and can't got the points.. And now i read this post and for sure it's made me smile again and all contributors too :) thank and the team for ur hard work 👌

Great news!! Thanks utopian :D

I've heard a lot about utopian-io
It's really amazing how much smiles you've put on peoples face...
Just loving you already, keep it up.

Really good news for all translators:-) Cheers!!!

I think that’s great. I email crowdin directly and they also answered the email in just a couple of hours.

At least crowdin is very active in solving the issues.

Great post @utopian-io

Translations on crowdin not resumed yet, we are waiting anxiously, when you going to resume

Great update, shows the power and reach of utopian! a flagbearer and force to be reckoned with in the open source world :)

very good information and useful and needed. good luck always for us.

please upvote me, because I always restem any posts you remove

smh, you might get flagged for this.
stop begging for vote

utopian-io thought me how to do this, smile ☺ ☺ if you understand the riddle lol


What do you mean ?

😁 😁 (prove of work or anything related to reporting

I guess it right wohoo😂😂😂

lol, welcome to the world of utopian-io, the world of @originalworks

Finally, soo relieve that Crowdin responded soo quickly to @utopian-io :D

Way to go @utopian-io!
Finally got the recognition that this platform rightly deserved.
Thanks for the hardwork. Cheers!

Yey! Thanks all of you

This is a good news for better future on utopian and crowdin. Always support utopian.
Dont forget to vote for witness @utopian-io

Great news! Thank God, as they said, there is always a solution. Can't wait to keep working with utopian and crowdin.

So fantastic your post I like it guy

I'm so happy to know this :) we are all hoping to continue translating im CrowdIn for the better.

People are all aware about us... I feel amazed to be a Utopian!

nice info ..with github translate projects will be more active

nice info ..with github translate projects will be more active

Good News, I like crowdin thank you utopian

This is really one of among other big news from @utopian-io, just after heart breaking news about dropping support for Crowdin. where it leads to many dissatisfaction from many contributors particularly translation section since they have get to accostum with a very handy and easy access of Crowdin. Thanks for @crowdin for a very quick response. Hope there will be good result with mutual benefit for both platform. Can't wait to get other announcement that utopian is put the support back to Crowdin as soon as possible and start contributing again. I am still working to get accostum to GitHub, but seems will take sometime before I get used to it and start contributing again.

Smile and continue this great work. very happy :)

utopian is evolving, good for all

Fast and reliable computer aided translation (CAT) tool is a must for the success of any translation endeavor. Being an online platform, Crowdin offers a user-friendly online interface for work. In the long-run, utopian can develop its own CAT environment using an open source CAT tool such as OmegaT.

These are BIG GREAT AWESOME news!! I believe that a lot of people put much work and effort here, making it a great platform because of its community (collaborators, moderators and supervisors) and that should never be tarnished by the lack of dedication and because of the cheating of some.

Thank you Utopian and thank you Crowdin for working on a solution! I'm looking forward to be submitting collaborations next week through your new upgraded system :)

Wow great news for we people

hello, @utopian-io i am @bestrakibul2. I've been working steem for a long time. But I have not had any improvement. How do I work? Please sujjection on how I can improve the speed of your post. thanks

utopian is awesome :)

Want to ask for his advice, let his steemit account grow like you.

We will see wether a better implementation will stop users from abusing the translation category.

Very good

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  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Wah sepertinya saya sangat tertarik untuk menjadikan @utopian-io sebagai saksi,tapi saya sebagai pemula tidak mengerti banyak hal tentang saksi,jadi saya mohon bimbinhan nya,
Postingan yang sangat bermanfaat semoga @utopian-io selalu sukses

very good, please upvote back

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Upvoted because you said please