Improving Elmish contact app by adding time and last contacted, more contact, merge and location

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Elmish Contacts is an android mobile app used as an alternative for storing mobile number contact.
Elmish is a simple app with a few features which include: the Favorite button that enables users to set some contact as a favorite for easy access to those contact.

Another function is the map which enables quick access for users to know the geographical location of contacts that are saved in the application.

Elmish Contact is another application that is used for basically what mobile can do but has a nice interface, map and it created another experience for it users.
I have been using the app for a while as well as reporting issues through the Github repository and I think some feature should be added for better improvement of the project.

I have few ideas to share which might make the app to be more exceptional to other contact application and some basics features that I think the application should have better usability and improvements.

Also, Permission granted on a device is quite enough to make all my proposals to be realizable.


My proposals are as follow.

  • Times Contacted and Last Date contacted.
  • Ability to add more that one number to a contact
  • Location Indicator
  • Ability to merge duplicate or remove

Times contacted/ the Last date contacted: Normally, we call our contemporaries, Families, and Business Associate upon when we have something to discuss or transacts and most of the time we can only get the last time or numbers of calls we have made through mobile Call log but most time it gets really hassle to get the numbers of calls and last contacted date if lots of other calls have been made.
These features will show the numbers of time we have contacted any of our contacts, the date and time of the last contacted.
It will be absolutely different from logs as it will be smart and brief to access.

Ability to save more than one contact
Commonly, there are some people that use's more than one number. Having separate name stored could be a little bit of a hassle like John-1, John-2, and John-3.
This function will enable John to have more than one number to his name and all these numbers will be accessible whenever a click is initiated on the contact.

Merge Duplicate or delete
There are contacts that automatically turns two or more on mobile phones.
When mobile contacts are synchronized with cloud storage like Gmail and Microsoft, this might have some Negatives impact something and cause crash or multiple duplicates of contacts.
This function will help detect all duplicate on the contact list and ask for either eradicate all or merge them.

Location indicator
This is a function that will show the flag of the contact location on the interface of the application for ease understanding of the position of the person.
There are some features that may be seen as less important but
add more value on the app functionality.
Imagine you got a page on your phone with strange digits, you could easily know the country by checking through the app. Isn't that cool?
So it will add more for proper improvement of the app.

Having +44 will automatically show the UK, +86 will show China, +234 will show Nigeria and so on.


A pictorial illustration of how last contacted and Times might look like if implemented

Mockup for add more contact

Merge and dismiss duplicate mockup, how it might look like if implemented

How I think the location flag can fit in


Improvement always leads to betterment on anything and having all the above mentioned/proposed features won't be an exception.
Times contact will serve as a good alternative to know the numbers of times users as contacted any of their saved contacts through the app as well as showing the date and time to avoid scrolling up and down to check call history through the call log.

More than one number will be of added value because it will break current limitation, users can save all the contact line of any of their contacts that are using more than one number.

Merge: It is very common on mobile and having such function will make the application to be user-friendly as users will not have to check for duplicates one by one if need be, this will help free up space and also help for automatic removing or merging of duplicate

Location indicator. The benefit of this is to improve the UI of the app as well as a quick showing of contact location in terms of country, It will help in knowing any country code without checking through google or any external app, the country code will help in detecting this and will improve the app.

These are the improvement I considered valuable for the application based on what I think, and I believe it will have positively on users experience.

Thank you!!!

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