Aren't you tired of our clunky editor? Introducing STEEM ULTIMATE EDITOR!

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Aren't we all tired of the old clunky editor that are just too troublesome to work with? Remember all the time you have to remember the markdown tags just to make your post presentable and more beautiful? Don't you wish to have a better user interface to create your post? Introducing STEEM ULTIMATE EDITOR! This editor is not the ordinary editor that you can find in It is so feature-packed that you can forget all the markdown and just clicks away to customize your post! Just like how an editor should function! Let's have a look what ULTIMATE EDITOR brought to Steemians.

New Features

  • What feature(s) did you add?

Feature #1 : Bold, Italic, Underline on selected text all within clicks!

Basic functionality for an editor. But did you notice now the toolbar will follow the text you selected? It's way easier than having a static toolbar!

Feature #2 : Creating table with just a click

Remember the time you have to remember the "|" tags and etc, quite troublesome no? What if you can just create a table as if like in Microsoft Excel with just click of button? Look at the demo below!


Feature #3 : Align your picture like never before! All with one click of button!

No more "pull-right" or "pull-left" to type in your div elements! Just click on the image and let it slide to right or left at your heart content. No more troublesome markdown to remember!


Feature #4 : Adding picture caption is easier than ever!

Picture caption is useful to quote where did you get the picture from or you would like to have some small description for it.

Feature #5 : Last but not least, adding youtube links and photos on new paragraph!

You can add your latest dtube videos and photos with just clicks away. Once again, no more html tags. A new toolbar will appear so you can add your own video or photos! Photos are hosted on amazon s3 bucket. And it wouldn't be permanent on blockchain! Whenever you click on X on the photo, your photo will be deleted from server. Those who concern about privacy will find this tool extremely useful!


And the best of all, it works perfectly with Steemit posts!

New Projects

  • What is the project about?
    As I described in the introduction.

  • Technology Stack
    Jquery, HTML, PHP, Handlebars, Javascript

  • Roadmap

  1. Adding emoji
  2. Integration with steemconnect
  3. Autosave draft
  4. You name the features :)
  • How to contribute?
    Contact me personally on discord or comment below!

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Here is a couple of feedbacks:

  • I can't really see any accomplishment compared to medium-insert-plugin which -I believe- you have used it for your starting point.

  • Even though, you state it's a "STEEM" editor, I can't see any relevance and integration to Steem. For example: you can use Steemjs to directly post to the blockchain from the editor.

  • File upload can be done via Steemit image hoster. They have an api that you can sign images with your posting key and store at their server. This would remove the PHP dependency.

  • Also, keep in mind that, you don't need to put template headers like this into your post. These are placeholders stating that what you should put into your contribution. This way it looks like a Q/A session. :) Just replace them with the relevant counterparts in your project's context, next time.

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Hi thanks so much for your informative review. @emrebeyler

Great point

  • Integration with steemit image hoster, I never knew that existed. Thanks for mentioning!
  • Integration with steemjs is on the way as I mentioned in the video, together with steemconnect.I don't think people want to give me their posting key :)


But I strongly disagree what you see here is only a medium-insert-plugins interface. Converting it to steem readable code was a hell of a job. It might be easy for you guys as I am only a few months into programming world. The most challenging part is to figure out what each file meant for each other. It's the thing you don't see here. But yes I will continue to take your constructive advice and try to bring more features to our steemians. Even thought right now it seems that it's a copy of a developed product, I believe it's an invaluable tool on how we will make posts in future.

Does it have sub and sup tags?
Underline isn't supported in Steem :(

Huh.. good suggestion. Will add that. Yeah will remove that underline..

Good job friend greetings!

awesome brother!!! good job!

Thanks for stopping by! will make a public release soon :)

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Your post rules are very much like me. Why would anyone like to see your post, so hopefully you create a beautiful post and give us a gift and follow you with it, we can correct our post mistakes.

Your post rules are very much like me. Why would anyone like to see your post, so hopefully you create a beautiful post and give us a gift and follow you with it, we can correct our post mistakes.