Crash When Copying Large Amounts of Text in Diary

Expected Behavior

Copying a large amount of text in the Diary adds it to the clipboard.

Actual Behavior

Copying a large amount of text in the Diary Crashes the app.

How to Reproduce

  1. Copy a large amount of text from an online ebook
  2. Launch Activity Manager
  3. Tap on an Activity to activate
  4. Tap the Edit button
  5. Paste the text and tap OK
  6. Open Menu and tap Diary
  7. Tap anywhere on text
  8. Copy all text and paste it in the same field
  9. Attempt to Copy all text again

Test Environment

App Version: 1.2.2
Operating system: Android 8.1

Recording Of The Bug


Thank you for the contribution

However, I must say that this is a forced bug. Copying thousands of words from an ebook online and then duplicating it under the Activity note.

I strongly believe if the application was used in a more friendly manner it won't have crashed.

I also attached a screenshot that popped up when the application crashes urging users to report the bug encountered.

I noticed you didn't include your Github account details. Please register here and include the Github username in your subsequent contributions.

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