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1up logo.jpg




This is a logo illustration work for the 1UP community dApp (@steem-1up):

To make our various community efforts more professional and interesting, the 1UP illustrator @thewalker will create the Styleguide illustrations of the 1UP project. The idea is to create a set of graphical resources to be used in the project.

As this is a contribution to the open source project 1UP and within the rules and regulations of @utopian-io, I will help him to create a proper Utopian contribution for the Design category for each illustration.

The general concept of the Logo resembles simplicity as to be pretended being carried by the project itself.

Here is the logo along with other graphic assets:

And here an image of the Design Process:

1up logo in process


The new 1UP logo will help to promote the community project and give a face for the dApp to be built on Steem.

Each digital asset will be paid for privately for a discounted price but given over to the public domain as a free asset of the 1UP project. The Utopian support will help to make the work and effort more worthwhile for me, the artist.


I used Adobe Illustrator.

Original files

The source .AI file was too large for GitHub so we added it to our official 1UP Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1upPUxO9DtpFNUXG8qM73LAgUttpHuqD4

Proof of Work Done



Genial trabajo, lo que se viene es grande.

Asi es, las cosas grandes son creadas por personas grandiosas!

So cool design. 1UP for you! Thank you for the work. We will start using it everywhere. :)

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