Upgraded Open Source Python Voting Bot with New Features and Performance Boosts.

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Good news for all those wishing to start their own bots with no technical knowledge or time to code from scratch. In our last post, we provided you with the simplest python code possible to create an upvote bot.

Today, we present to you the upgraded fast, robust and feature-rich version of our open-source upvote bot.

Here's the link: https://github.com/outlier89/pybidbot

The newly added features are:

  • Automatic Node Failover - To avoid any service downtime
  • Round Fill Limit - To guarantee profit or atleast breakeven to all the bot users (If enabled)
  • Previous features optimized
  • Performance upgrades

Feel free to use the code for any purpose & contact me on discord in case of any issues.


Wow. What a great idea @therising hope there is documentation for the code on GitHub?

this is a very good idea.
can i do it?
how sbd will we receive?
I hope you reply to my comments.
thanks @therising

Anyone can use our open-source code. Regarding receiving sbds, that depends on the SP that your account has.

this is a very useful share. Thank you very much for this. :)

Thank you so much for sharing with us your python code. It's going to be very interesting learning experience going through the code.

Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted check out my new post upvote resteem comment @glclipse

안녕하세요 반가워요

Thank You... very generous to freely give this upgraded Python code.

Cheers !!

thank you @therising for the information is very useful for me

How can i benefit from your benevolence? Thank you

I follow you nice service

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wow that's nice
love the ideas

Very interesting information, where can we call whatsApp number, I am from Indonesia !

Thank you! Amazing!

Thanks man! Il use it and try to write doc's and add new features 💪

Hi @therising! I was upvote and follow you!

I just joined in steemit.
I just made a post introduction myself.
hope you also come to my blog and you kindly to me.

I still do not understand.
is it what link tuam @therising?

thank you very much sir @therising

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