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Colonization Guide For Steemnova

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to colonize new planets and all the differences between them.
Planets are different and here I will explain how to get bigger one or why planet A has bigger Deuterium production than planet B.

How to colonize

You need to send Colony Ship for expedition mission at empty Solar System slot.
You can also add some cargo ships to send additional resources for your new planet.

Technical Requirements

  1. Astrophysics/Expedition Research Lvl 1. which require:

    • Spy Technology (Level 3)
    • Impulse Engine (Level 3)
    • Research Lab (Level 3)
  2. Colony Ship which require:

    • Shipyard (Level 4)
    • Impulse Engine (Level 3)

Technology Limitations

  • At Lvl 1 of Astro/Expedition Tech you can colonize only planets at slots 4-12
  • At lvl 4 slots 3-13
  • At lvl 6 slots 2-14
  • At lvl 8 all slots

Planet Size Explanation

Planet sizes differ depending on the position in the solar system.
Depending on size you can build limited count of buildings. For example you can't exceed planet size to build aditional level of Metal Mine. To "expand" your building capacity you need to build Terraformer which increases the usable area on the planet.

Slot Minimum Average Max
1 95 100 108
2 97 103 110
3 98 118 140
4 123 164 203
5 148 179 222
6 148 194 230
7 141 193 240
8 168 210 251
9 161 197


10 154 188 224
11 146 176 204
12 136 154 188
13 109 115 121
14 81 86 93
15 65 69 74

16'th slot is the expedition slot and you can not colonize it.

Planet Temperatures

Slot Minimum Max
1 220 260
2 170 210
3 120 160
4 70 110
5 60 100
6 50 90
7 40 80
8 30 70
9 20 60
10 10 50
11 0 40
12 -10 30
13 -50 -10
14 -90 -50
15 -130 -90

Dependencies from planet posiontions

The closer to the sun the more energy sattelites can produce and less Deuterium your Refinery can pump.

Formula for energy production by Solar Satellite:


Formula for Deuterium production


Additional inforamtions

  • With higher tech levels you can send your expedition for longer.
    • Additional 30 minutes (0.5h) for one Tech lvl starting from lvl 1 and 0.5h.
  • With every two levels of Tech you can colonize more planets starting from 1 colony at lvl 1.
    • lvl 1 - 1 colony
    • lvl 3 - 2 colonies
    • lvl 5 - 3 colonies
    • and so on...

Types of colonies

from http://ogame.wikia.com/wiki/Colony

Farm colony

The principle is very simple: a farm colony is equipped with high level mines and is built solely for the purpose of generating resources. The planet requires virtually no defense and very little storage capacity, because the produced resources are either immediately put into new levels of mines or later daily collected and shipped to another planet.

Resource Base

The resource base should be a big colony equipped with strong defenses and high level tanks, in addition to the mines. All the resources from the farms get transported here. Therefore, a resource base is the most popular target for raiders and has to be defended well. The farms and the resource base should be located somewhat close to each other, to shorten transport time and fuel cost.

Fleet hub

A fleet hub usually has a high level shipyard, to put the loot into more ships. It also often has a moon with a Jump Gate. If it is the only planet by a player in a particular galaxy, it should be located in the center of the galaxy, to minimize fuel cost and increase the amount of systems in range of buildings like the phalanx sensor or IPMs.

Graviton colony

This type of colony is made only for the purpose of conducting the Graviton technology research. Thus, it has a research lab level 12 or more and a large amount of solar satellites. They are often abandoned after the research is complete, so they have no mines. A graviton colony is usually located on position 1 of an empty region of a galaxy, so no one notices it. Putting the colony in position 1, rather than 4 or 5 saves up to several million resources, because one has to build fewer solar satellites.

Deuterium colony

Although rare, Deuterium colonies are usually a slot 15 planet (due to the production bonus), with a high level deuterium synthesizer and a solar plant. They may also have high level deuterium tanks, however if mass amounts of deuterium are produced quickly the deuterium could be transported often; saving fields on smaller planets. Deuterium tanks can be quite helpful, boosting the amount of harvested rare deuterium. Usually not many defenses are needed except for basics, these are just used for fending off small attacks as the deuterium is regularly transported to another planet where it is needed. One other use for a Deuterium colony is trading. For example; if you have 10,000 Deuterium then you could trade it for a larger amount of metal or crystal.

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