propose new logo PAYARI

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PAYARI is an application that helps parents to make payments and control the needs of children through mobile phones. you can visit the task and the github, so i would like to make a proposal for the new logo.


Benefits / Improvements

with using 2 elements like "credit card" and "p" this should be easy to remembered and stuck on user memories, i used negative and positive method for more modern and high end style for this year, the this shape can be used any color what PO's want, for more example i already provide it at here


Illustrator and photoshop

Proof Of Work


Original files



mock up

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Thank you for your contribution. Unfortunately your contribution cannot be approved due to following reasons:

  • This contribution was submitted outside the timeframe given in the Task Request. (25, April 00:00 UTC and 27. April 23:59 UTC)

Need help? Write a ticket on
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if i resubmit this contribution at 25 April, it still have chance??


You can not resubmit contribution that already rejected.


if i create the new one?


Yes you can create new one and submit it within the timeframe