Blinkit v2.8 | Logitech new features and improvements

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What is Blinkit?

Blinkit is a notification software that can be used to give regular widely available devices a Steem purpose.


Github Repository: Blinkit


With this latest update it is now possible to set and save the Logitech model the user have,and the related device picture will be (pre)loaded in the interface.

When selecting one of the Logitech models, the related settings for this model will be made visible or hidden depending, if the selected device supports the functions.

  • LED
  • LED and LCD
  • RGB Colours or Monochrome device.


Beside the device model selection it is now possible to trigger animation on the Logitech device when new Steem actions are detected by Blinkit. The action will trigger a related animation on the LCD screen.

Animations can be edited or replaced by the user and are stored in images/logitech/*action they need to be saved as a monochrome bitmap file.



Availible Animations


Animation played on the LCD, when a NEW UPVOTE is received on the by the user saved account, for new Followers and Posts the displayed text will be "NEW FOLLOWER" , "NEW POST"


Animation played on the LCD, when the Steemmakers bot is upvoting.


Animation played on the LCD, when the price alarm is triggered.


Animation played on the LCD, when the Utopian bot is upvoting.


The Logitech devices that supported this integration of LCD animations:

  • G510
  • G15 v1
  • G15 v2
  • G13

When one of the supported devices is selected, "LCD" "LED" and "LED,LCD" will be available as a mode to select for the blink action.


To use Blinkit and Logitech devices together, the user needs to have the by Logitech provided Logitech Gaming software installed. This could be installed in the default or a custom location, because of the posibility to edit the path to it from within the Blinkit interface. and in this release the paths are now made hidden on default and can be toggled visible and hidden when clicking on the DLL label.

Blinking the LED lights of Logitech devices was previeusly added in v2.3 but there was still the LCD part of the Logitech gaming software we would want to integrate. @flash4yard developed the backend code, and writes about the development of the backend code in his latest post .




How is it implemented into Blinkit ?


  • Edited and recompiled the logitech LCD program made by @Flash4yard to use config file, logitechpathlcd.txt for the DLL directory (The other logitechpath.txt hold the path for the LED dll. and was previously integrated in Blinkit v2.3)
  • Changed the Logitech LCD program animation paths to a custom path in the Blinkit folder that holds the animation images for each action. (upvotes, followers, posts)

Code from LogitechLCD.exe


  • The previous (LED) but also the newly added (LCD) dll editable paths are now made by default hidden and can be toggled visible/hidden by clicking on the DLL label. (this is done to present a cleaner interface. and to not bother the user with most likely unnecessary settings, because most users would install it in the default directory)

Code that toggles the visibility of the DLL paths.


  • Logitech device model can be chosen with the dropdown menu "Model" and will change the shown device picture (and will hide and make visible the related features for a device)

Part of the code that displays the model picture and shows the related and compatible features.


  • Drowdown menu "Mode" can now beside the previously added LED Mode also show the LCD mode and LED,LCD mode. the related mode / features for the blink action get visible depending on the selected logitech device model, and it supported features. (LED, Monochrome, RGB, LCD). This is implemented to make sure to only present the features the users logitech device support.


  • Created animations for each action: upvotes, followers, posts, utopian, steemmakers, price alarm.

  • Modified and added Logitech product pictures to fit the position in the interface and to be in line with eachother.

  • Updated upvoteslogitech.bat followerslogitech.bat, steemmakersvisualizer.bat, utopianvisualizer.bat and the steem price alarm, with the new mode ("LCD", "LED", or "LED,LCD") for Logitech LCD animations and / or LED light notifications.

Part of the upvoteslogitech.bat that blinks the logitech device with the related settings.



Repositories that are updated

Blinkit repository

Blinkit VB .net source files


Files that are added/updated


Have you found a bug?

You could make a Utopian contribution and add an issue post to the project on Github. or get in touch on Discord and report the issues.

Do you want to make other devices compatible and make Blinkit better?
Please get in contact on Discord for more details.

Technical Support

Technical support is available, if you may encounter a problem, or if you want to know if your device is supported or will be supported in the near future.

How to contribute?

Do you have a question, or suggestion for Blinkit?
Do you want to make other devices compatible and make Blinkit better?
Do you want to write for Blinkit, or contribute in a other way?

Feel free to get in contact in the Blinkit Discord server, don't hesitate and get in touch! or leave a comment.

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