Blinkit standalone v1.3 | Themes, notification sounds and webinterface improvements

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This new version brings customization options and more control to the user over the Blinkit standalone, Steem notification device.

It's compatible with the inexpensive, (10 usd +/-) and widely available Heltec Wifi KIT 8 (Arduino Nodemcu module) and includes the following new features.



New Features


Main menu
The previously added and new features where filling up the web interface, and to make it more user friendly the new and previously added features are now put inside a collapsible menu, and are categorized in the following menu items:

  • Sound
  • Light
  • Display
  • Other


Choose a notification sound
When in the menu the "Sound" item is selected and selected it shows buttons to choose one of the 3 notification sounds:

  • Victory beep: "te tuu TUUUU"
  • Slow beep x3
  • Single beep


Choose one of the 3 themes
When in the menu the "Display" item is selected and opened it now shows buttons to switch the theme of the display between:

  • Default
  • Big
  • Screen Off



Other improvements

  • The avatar picture for the saved user is displayed in the webinterface.
  • When the menu item "Other" is selected it show links to the @blinkit profile, where the Blinkit related posts are shared, and to the Blinkit Discord, for technical support.
  • When the Blinkit logo is pressed it will work as a home button.



How is it implemented ?

Display themes

To make it possible to switch themes, a new variabel is added: displaytheme in here the theme to be used is saved.

The previous mainscreen is turned into the "default" theme, and the newly added themes "big" and "screen off" are added in functions as well that are called based on the request that is received by the device. the web interface sends those commands by the press of one of the buttons.

Direct trigger URLS for the themes:

(Change the IP in the URL to your device IP (the device IP is shown on the display during the start up sequence.)


Newly added "big" theme that shows the received upvotes with a large font on the display


Code that saves the selected theme into variabel "displaytheme"


Code that shows the "big" number theme. for "default" and "screen off" themes are seperate functions.


Notification sounds

To make it possible to switch between notifications sounds a new variabel is added: notificationsound, that stores the by the user saved notification sound, the different notification sounds are added inside there own function and can be called per URL to trigger them. When one of the buttons in the web interface is pressed the file is played and set to be used when new Upvotes are received.

Variabel: notificationsound stores the set notification sounds


Code to show the buttons in the webinterface, to choose the notification sound


Code that gets triggered when the user press a notification sound button in the web interface, it sets the sound as current notification sound and plays the sound once.


Code addded: Function to store and play the notification sounds


Direct trigger URLS:

(Change the IP in the URL to your device IP (the device IP is shown on the display during the start up sequence.)


The Blinkit repository is updated

Latest commit: Blinkit v1.3


The following files are updated / added



Thanks for reading and supporting the Blinkit project, if you need help with setting up your device or if you want to get in contact / want to help to contribute to the Blinkit project, please feel free to join the Blinkit Discord server, More details about Blinkit can be found on the Blinkit website.

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Thank you for your contribution, a nice update to a project.

Small doubt, a lot of places I have seen you are using only if and not else if, like, is there a reason behind it, can displaytheme variable get more than one value at a time?

Also for this line, you are using the below code three times, can this be added as a function and then called, this way your code will look good.

tone(piezopin, 1300, 600); delay(2000);

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