Hey dude! Thanks for the support. Glad to have this out in the wild and I can start to iterate based on some feedback.

yeah since i last chat i just did not look any further into the code or learning, that's on me, everytime you put something out thou know you are inspiring people to get their shit together to do something about it, especially as i'm trying very hard to move away from all things wordpress. i hope to work more closely with you when the time is right.

hey sam do you think you might support or netlify for hosting our 'sites' on? like will it be like the finally comments stuff where everything is wrapped in js calls as such/embeds? -- just trying to get my head on straight for the custom domain stuff.

Hey dude. I plan on two options.

First - all you need for the custom domain is to point the Name Servers to my host and the platform does the rest.

Second - A generator/download than will wrap all of the needed code up into a zip for uploading to Netlify or similar(might even be able to do this automatically)

Integrating with carrd is slightly different but totally possible. Another user already requested the themes available as embeds which would work with carrd. This would be a bit of a way off to be honest and will be working on theming finally comments first to also work better on platforms such as carrd.

firstly, thank you for taking the time to reply. only reason for carrd is because i have a yearly package with them and i'm trying to downsize 'bills' so that when we hit the road we have a lot of that covered, i'm totally moving away from 'wordpress' sites and clients! :) we already moved one this week.

custom domains seem perfect, great, will you use something like pingdom or uptime robot to make sure you've got some kind of fail over or 'headsup' management? happy to be a contact for that too to get alerted.

i'm cool with it being on your site/host etc, but would be nice to know we have some like backup redundancy, i realise it depends on the chain thou, hmm, anyway, that's stuff for later.

yeah i'd love to use embeds on carrd for some of those quick spin out projects ya know? -- i've got a whole bunch of .ee domains i bought that i wanna build projects around over the coming year! :)

framer x is my next learning mission! :)

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