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** This is translation for SystemUI Tuner. SystemUI tuner by zachary as an open source project. SystemUI Tuner is an application that replaces anybody looking for advanced customization options. I've translated all project by the crowdin. Let's go to see my crowdin work.**

** Before the project started;**

** My screenshots at work;**

I want to show you a few example from my work;

My sample translations


Night Display Activated
This is the base command:
Hey, I see you're using my app.
Alarm Clock Icon
There's absolutely no obligation. This app is free and always will be.
QS Column Count
Thanks for downloading my app! SystemUI Tuner is meant to replace/supplement the built-in System UI Tuner seen in AOSP. Both users with and without System UI Tuner can benefit from this app.


Gece Görüntüsü Aktifleştirildi
Bu temel komuttur:
Hey, I see you're using my app.
Alarm Clock Icon
There's absolutely no obligation. This app is free and always will be.
QS Sütun Sayısı
Uygulamamı indirdiğiniz için teşekkürler! SystemUI Tuner, AOSP'de görülen yerleşik Sistem UI Ayarlayıcısını değiştirmek / tamamlamak içindir. Sistem UI Ayarlayıcısı olan veya olmayan Kullanıcılar bu uygulamadan yararlanabilir.

And finished

Translated : 1102

You Can Find More Info Here:
Web Site: SystemUI tuner
Github Page: SystemUI tuner
Crowdin Page:Crowdin

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