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Project Details

Steem is a reward based platform on the blockchain for users to monitize contents.
Steem cuts across different people and races. More like a home for everyone on the continent.

It gives you a voice and an audience.
Do you ever have quality content that you would love to out get to a lot of people?
Steem gives you the people and also rewards your for your creative content.

Steem works on the Proof of Brain Algorithm.

Steemit is First of Dapp to be built on Steem Blockchain.

I was introduced to steemit around April and without a job, i have worked part time on steemit, this not only increased my network, but i learnt about the crypto universe.

It was my first actual interaction with cryprocurrency and now, i know quite a lot and am still learning.

Steemit created a source of income for me and furthermore, gave me an audience for all my content.
I have come to know strangers, continents away as friends.

Why I decided to Translate To Yoruba

I chose to translate this whitepaper to yoruba because people out there need to know that the blockchain can and wants to support them.
Therefore you are welcome to write your content even in yoruba language.

Steem has a place for you. My heart beats for people, youths, unemployed and those resulting to vice and illegal means of earnings.

There is hope for honest earning right here on the blockchain network through hardwork, consistency and ooen-mindedness

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

I replaced most English words with Yoruba and retained some English words which had no yoruba meaning.
The words were translated in the best way to preserve their meaning.


The project was originally written in English language which i translated to Yoruba language.

Word Count

My total words translated -- 1180 words
And words in target language -- 1457 words

Proof of Authorship


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I implore you to make amendments by following the solutions proffered by me during our discussion.

Thank you.

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