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Project Details

The Steem Genesis Whitepaper is a very detailed record about the workings of the system.

A lot was considered and reviewed to achieve best user-experience. While doing the translations, i learnt about the rate limiting reserve ratios, and how it prevents people from flooding and disrupting service on the Steem-blockchain.

The method adopted was considered and weighed in impact to those of Bitcoin and other existing systems on the blockchain before adoption.

Having read through and thoroughly, the steem system is almost fool proof to abuse.

Still the best system for most optimized user experience where everyone has a fair treatment.

Also this part of the project had a lot to say about registration, powering down and powering up and its toll on the market and the whole system entirely.

This project is a very dynamic one and I look forward to continual translation.

I have not just translated the project, but also been equipped with lots of value.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

I replaced most English words with Yoruba and retained some English words which had no Yoruba interpretation.

The words were translated in the best way to preserve their meaning.


The project was originally written in English language and I translated it into Yoruba language.

Word Count

My total words translated -- 1146 words
And words in target language -- 1315 words

Proof of Authorship


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Hello @t-flames, thank you for this contribution.

  • Your post presentation is good and it is an improvement.
  • Your translations are okay. I noticed some spelling mistakes in some strings. I will urge you to be more careful next time to avoid this.

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thank you so much @zoneboy

Thank you for your review, @zoneboy! Keep up the good work!

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