Translating Byteball, From English to Yoruba. (876 words)

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Project Details

Byteball uses acyclic graph(DAG) rather than blockchain which is one of the fearures that stands it out. This innovations allows users secure each other's data by referencing units of data created by early users.
This solves the problem of scalability limits common for blockchains.

white paper

Some two months ago, i was able to claim some bytes through the steem attestation bots and referral earnings.
I also see the project as one with immense value. And as a way to get the project to more people, i decided to share the goodnews with my tribesmen, using the yoruba language as a means.

This will help bring lots of yoruba populace to the awareness of cryptocurrency.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

I replaced most English words with Yoruba and just retained some english words which had no yoruba words.
The words were translated in the best way to preserve their meaning.

  • Languages

The project was originally written in English language and i translated it into Yoruba language.
This is my first time with written translation but i've been an interpreter at functions and churches, from English to yoruba, plus spoken the language for over 20 years, i have a good knowledge of the useage and understanding of the language.

  • Word Count
    My total words translated -- 876 words
    And words in target language -- 990words

Proof of Authorship

2018-10-10 15.14.40.png


Hello @t-flames, thanks for the contribution.

  • This is your first contribution to this project
  • The contribution post is concise. You can improve subsequent posts by double checking before submission. This will mitigate errors and improve your next submissions.
  • You succeded in making your translations convey each sentence meaning. Your translations are semantic. However, I noticed some mistakes that I will point out.
  • Typographical errors- As seen here, CVS should be translated as CSV. You also translated this string to YI O instead of YI KO.
  • Capitalisation- This string is in all caps (capital letters) and the translated words should follow suit. This means the translated words should be OYA BERE instead of Oya Bere. Same applies here.
  • Pluralization- Some strings require the Awon word. Strings like this and this translations should indicate the plural forms of the original context.
  • I will urge you to take this into consideration when making your next translation. I elmade changes in the affected strings.

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Thank you @zoneboy. I will work better on my next translation.

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