SwapSteem SWEET'Drop is Live - Claim your SWEET Now!

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Hello Steemians,
The wait is over and the Swapsteem SWEET'Drop has finally started today at 12:00 AM. The airdrop tokens will be distributed in two rounds every day after calculation of reward amounts in each round.

@swapsteem has decided to airdrop a total of 2.1 Mil SWEET Tokens to the steem community in return of support to the project in various ways. Please check the Rules section on how to participate in airdrop and claim your airdrop tokens.

What is SWEET

As explained in the Sweet Token Announcement Post, SWEET e.g. SWAPSTEEM ENGINEERING AND ENHANCEMENT TEAM Token is a steem-engine based token issued by @swapsteem.
The purpose of the SWEET token is to reward anyone who helps @swapsteem grow while creating a use case for it as a fees payment mechanism and agent security deposit making it a platform utility token.
It will be rewarded to contributions by different type of people that include developers, bug hunters, advisors, influencers, marketers or pretty much anyone who contributes to @swapsteem and it's associate/partner projects @steemonob @steem-automation, @steem-tip, @swap-chain and more to come.

Where Can we find our claimed SWEET and Trade them

SWEET is a smart contract based token created on the STEEM based sidechain called Steem-Engine. Steem-Engine is created by @aggroed, @yabapmatt @harpagon and @someguy123 who are some of the most influential people on the Steem blockchain.

You can view your tokens in the steem-keychain browser extension built by @yabapmatt @stoodkev and team. If haven't already installed it go ahead and download it from respective add on stores on Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera Browsers.

You can trade the SWEET claimed during the airdrop for STEEM, BTC, LTC, DOGE, etc on https://steem-engine.com as soon as they are issued to your account. You can also buy and HODL SWEET to enjoy HODLer perks like discounted fees up to 100% and ability to register as an escrow agent and earn fees by moderating trades on our platform.
You can also check the current market price and volume of the SWEET Token on the Market page at https://steem-engine.com.

We too will have a Dex integrated at our Beta to enable trading of most of the Steem-Engine tokens as more exchanges emerge on top of Steem-Engine and coingecko API starts supporting Steem-Engine token prices.

Token Distribution

Total Supply : 21,000,000

Token Allocation -
@swapsteem : 10500000
@swap-chain : 3,000,000
@steem-automation : 3,000,000
@steem-tip : 3,000,000
SWEET Team : 1,500,000

All the associated applications have been issued SWEET Tokens to help with their Development and support.

SWEET Airdrop

@swapsteem has decided to AirDrop 2.1 Mil SWEET Tokens to the steem community in return of support to the project.


Steem users can participate in the Airdrop in multiple ways and claim their airdrop tokens in their wallet for performing some actions to help swapsteem as mentioned below

  • Upvote our posts Your votes are precious and we need them to keep the Development going. Users who upvote posts made by @swapsteem account including this one will be rewarded with SWEET amount equal to 10x of the upvote value in STU. So, if a user upvote generates 1 STU on our post he will get 10 SWEET after the post rewards are paid out and claimed. For the votes less than 0.100 STU, users will get a minimum of 10x 0.100 SWEET as the reward.
  • Resteem our Posts Resteems help people reach a great audience to promote the application. Users who resteem posts made by @swapsteem including this one to their followers will be rewarded with 0.001 SWEET per follower. So, for example, a user resteems this post to his 1000 followers, he will claim a reward of 1 SWEET immediately after resteem operation is broadcasted which will be sent to him in the current distribution round.
  • Write a review post about Swapsteem People need to know what swapsteem is, what features we provide, security mechanisms and advantages over other exchanges. This can't be done without the community writing about the project and sharing with others. Users who write a review post of Swapsteem with #swapsteem will be rewarded with an amount up to 100 SWEET according to the quality of the post and curation done by steemians.
  • Refer your followers Referrals are a great way to promote an application while rewarding users for sharing the word with others. You can refer your followers to use swapsteem and you will be rewarded with 10 SWEET tokens if the referred person logs into swapsteem with your referral link. The referred person also receives 10 SWEET. You can refer your followers only by creating a comment on their post with comment body as written below.
Hey! Please checkout @swapsteem, A secure peer to peer exchange built on steem. Use my referral link to earn some free SWEETs! [https://swapsteem.com/?ref=YOURUSERNAME](https://swapsteem.com/?ref=YOURUSERNAME)

Note : Referral rewards will only be released if the referred person already follows you. Please don't spam on posts created by people who do not follow you or have already been referred.

  • Join us on our Discord Channel Discord is a great place for communities to hang out. To build an organic community of traders on steem, we are inviting steem users to join our Discord. Users who join our Discord and link their steem account with discord account will get a random reward between 0.5 to 5 SWEET as soon as they link their steem account name. To claim the reward, users need to join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/prVyhgp and claim their tokens in #sweet-drop channel simply by sending a message with command !claim STEEMUSERNAME
  • Hunt Bugs on our platform Anyone having a steem account can test the Fiat and Crypto pairs on our Demo by creating a new listing or simply buying/selling from existing listings. Please find the link to Demo and tutorials on the process in the links below. Bugs acknowledged by us will be rewarded with 50-500 SWEET Tokens based on the severity of the bug.
  • Delegating to Swapsteem Swapsteem is an open source project, recognized and supported by @utopian-io. Please consider delegating to @swapsteem to help us with the Development and maintenance of the application. Delegators will be rewarded SWEET tokens equal to the 10x of Daily STU generated from the delegation. So, if a user's delegation adds 1 STU worth to our vote value will be rewarded with 10 SWEET daily. The delegation will be used to upvote the Development and other contributions towards @swapsteem.
  • Posting a promotional video on dTube D.tube is a decentralized video sharing platform built on top of steem. It is a great way to communicate information with followers on steem in a visual format. Users who create a review video about @swapsteem with #swapsteem will be eligible for a reward of 50-500 SWEET Tokens based on quality and curation of the video.
  • Supporting our Fundition Campaign Fundition is a decentralized crowdfunding platform on steem that helps steemians raise funds for different causes for the community. We have created our Fundition campaign to fund the Development of this platform. We will be giving some rare perks to the supporters and backers of our Fundition campaign along with 10x SWEET for every 1 STEEM funded in our campaign. Check out our Crowdfunding Proposal to find more about the campaign and the perks offered.

Airdrop Schedule

The Airdrop will start on Friday, April 5th 12 AM UTC and run until all the 2.1 Million tokens are distributed.


There is a cap of 500 SWEET per day as rewards, which means an account cannot get more than 500 SWEET airdropped in a day.


Please Follow, Resteem and Upvote this post to maximize your SWEET tokens!

Witness Campaign

Please vote for our Advisors and Steem Witnesses @firepower and @bobinson who have been constantly guiding us to build a secure and reliable exchange to bring masses to the Steem blockchain!

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About 16.76$ has been spent to promote this content using

Good work. I look forward to checking this out.

I wish lots of for good future.
I Resteem and upvote this post.

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All the best for the project. Hope to use it sometime to get back in INR

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Yes we do Support INR pair.
Stay tuned for the beta launch to be able to convert your STEEM/SBD to INR with other Indian community members.
Thanks for the support!

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Upvoted resteemed.but what's the value of 1 SWEET token?

You can check the volume and price of the token as well as trade it on https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=SWEET

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I tried with the command after upvoting and resteeming a couple of votes, but it didn't work. I have done this on both #play-with-bots and #sweet-drop

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The tokens are distributed twice a day! Your claim has been successfully recorded.
Thank you for participating!

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Great news, I’m a good marketer, I’ll try my best in marketing this, but meanwhile, let me start from up voting this and resteeming it.

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@swapsteem fully UP Voted and Resteemed.......I am Feeling SWEET

Thanks! That's so SWEET of you!

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Followed, Resteemed and Upvoted this post.

Wishing you lots of success with this project!

Good luck with your project. Upvoted, resteemed and delegated . Thank you

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Thank you for your kind support!

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Upvoted 100% @ $0.012

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did not understand why the need to include too many steps?
why not simply airdrop it in a certain proportion to steem power?
that is all.

The purpose of this airdrop is to get maximum visibility to @swapsteem and Steem-engine tokens, in order to bring more users to use the application. This can not be achieved via dropping 1:1 for SP or Anything.

Though I don't have too many followers but resteemed. Best of luck to the team.

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Thanks for the support anyway! It definitely counts :)

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@swapsteem I have upvoted.
But I never resteem enything.
Will I get something?

Yes you will be rewarded for your Upvote too.
Please read the post thoroughly to know more ways to earn SWEET and maximise your earnings

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Sweet! Resteemed.

upvoted and Resteem..

What a brilliant initiative. Steem is really maturing and integrating. I wish the team there every success :-)

This is awesome.
Keep the fire burning..
Upvoted and resteemed

Resteem and upvote

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  • You have received a resteem. My 6985 followers will see your post afresh. Your post will also be shown to members of my discord server.

  • Your post has been tweeted to 2000 followers. See it on twitter

  • Your post has been shared with 2000 facebook members. See it in facebook group

If I all ready have an account on Steemit for all most 3 years now, do I still have to open a seperate "Steem Account" at cost of $2.50 !? in order to Swap Steem or can it just be done on Steem Engine where I have an account all ready!? I was under the impression that the SWEET Tokens would be sent to my Steem Engine account. or is this wrong?! I checked my Steem Engine Wallet and have not recieved any SWEET tokens yet. Thanks for the help!🙋👍

Hello @karenmckersie, Thanks for participating in the airdrop. Swapsteem uses your steem account to log in to the application. In case a user doesn't have an account already, we have provided an option for instant sign up.

Please note that the airdrop tokens are distributed Once or twice daily depending upon the amount claimed. You should receive your SWEET rewards in the next distribution cycle.


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Ok thanks so much , thats exactly what I tought then I got confused some how when I seen hilarski post to sign up, lol! Thats awesome CHEERS! 🙋❤👍

Follow, upvoted and resteemed
Wish you a luck

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I have resteemed and upvoted. Where can i find my SWEET wallet?

Hello @swapsteem team
Congratulations for airdrop and wish you a success.
As per the post
Users who resteem posts made by @swapsteem including this one to their followers will be rewarded with 0.001 SWEET per follower.
I have 284 followers and I have resteemed 7 of your post. In this way if I calculate 2840.0017 = 1.988 tokens. But as I can check I have got only 0.556 tokens only.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

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0.566 sweet?
That is not so sweet afterall.

Hello @guurry123, We are only considering posts made after 5th April eligible for the airdrop, but we will soon make it available for previous posts which were not been paid out at the time of commencement of the airdrop! Thank you for your support, how SWEET! :P

This looks promising! Upvote and resteemed.

This is really good... Steem on!

This is a very nice projec. I look forward to learning more about the project.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Yesterday , i upvote and resteem swapsteem post by following rule , but i not get any token, why!

Hello @alauddinsee
You rewards for resteem have already been sent for the first round. Rewards for upvotes will be released once the post has been paid out, to avoid people unvoting after reward distribution.

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Hi @swapsteem, nice thing, update + resteem

@swapsteem this is awesome! Super excited for you and your team!

Thanks for following and bringing my attention to the airdrop and how to get in on it!🤑❤ I sincerely hope the token does well and many get in on the bounty rewards by helping out any way they are able! #ToTheMoon 🚀🚀

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#SWEET! Thanks for the upvote...💯🚀😁

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@swapsteem I went to the Discord channel and added the command but didn't get a response? Is that normal..

@swapsteem SWEEEEEET!🤑 I have .003 of SWEET in the balance of Steem-Engine

Thank you! Very grateful ❤🚀💯😁

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Hello @bit-trader, Withdrawals are processed twice every day. If you have claimed your tokens, please wait for the next round to receive the payout.
Thank you for participating!

Awesome news ! Nice to see this SWEET Steem-engine based token now being air dropped. I am more then happy to help grow and support @swapsteem by upvoting and resteeming for now! Wishing you all the best and much success!! 👍👍👍❤🙋

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Guys - what about the deal with the SWEET for the posts resteem?)

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You get free SWEET Tokens for resteem and Upvotes @maxer27

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Resteem our Posts Resteems help people reach a great audience to promote the application. Users who resteem posts made by @swapsteem including this one to their followers will be rewarded with 0.001 SWEET per follower. So, for example, a user resteems this post to his 1000 followers, he will claim a reward of 1 SWEET immediately after resteem operation is broadcasted which will be sent to him in the current distribution round.

I resteemed and have 23 287 followers.

And other my fellows shows me that they recieve the same amount of SWEET - only for upvoting the post.

Or, please, help to count - which one amount was for the upvote and what was for the resteem

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Hey, please read the announcement post carefully, the airdrop amount is distributed in batches. Due to large number of participation we are having issues in prompt distribution. Please be patient while your rewards are sent.

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The friend @shenan wrote me the comment for invitation into your https://swapsteem.com/?ref=shenan
I was log on there - so will be the +10 SWEET for that?

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More portion of profit will be given to delegators, as the SP pool grows!

Comment below or any post with "@opb !delegate [DelegationAmount]" to find out about current APR, estimated daily earnings in SBD/STEEM

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