Keep your body Spray smell Long-Term:Tips!!

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The everyday body spray is one of the everyday decorations. It is used everywhere to go, work or travel. There is no comparison of body spray to avoid sweating. But in many cases its odor is not lasting. Some tips to lasting fragrances:

Sort of good brands:
When using body spray, it should be used to look good brands. Otherwise, there will be no long-term fragrance of any brand body spray, as well as it can cause various types of skin damage. So pick a brand that has long scent.

Use in different parts:
Body spray can be used in different parts of the body for long periods of perfume. Usually it becomes dissolve by the smell of sweat after using it. For this, the parts that do not sweat, such as behind the ears, can be used in places like throat etc. As a result, it will last forever.

Do not use clothes:
Many people use body spray clothes and spray the place after scratching. Do not do this kind of work absolutely. It smells more fragile. And always use it on the body.

Wait a little while after spraying :
Do not wear clothes immediately after spraying the body spray, wait for a while. Sprite spread all over.

Try to sweat less:
Body spray of perfume is lost or lost due to excessive sweating . Try to sweat as much as possible for this. Then the perfume of body spray will last forever.

Use the same perfume decoration:
Use the brand's body spray that you use the same brand and other scented other smells. The fragrance of body spray will end up in the end, but the fragrance of other cosmetics will keep you fresh.

Use it for a little while:
If your body spray is too short time, keep it with you and use it a little more.


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