Chrome can come in Windows 10 support !!

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Google is working to bring dual-boot support to Chromebook laptops. The company has been working for several months to add alternate operating system mode to Chrome. This has been claimed by the XDA-Developers Group. News The Verges.This feature, named 'Campfire', will work as Apple's 'Boot Camp' feature. If the claims of the XDA-Developers Group are true, then Google Chrome will be able to use Windows 10 as an alternative operating system.According to Verge's report, Google is trying to pass Microsoft's hardware certification test to add Windows 10 support to the Chromebook laptop. Through this, Chrome has got formal approval to install and run Windows 10 as an alternative operating system.

According to the XDA-Developers Group, Microsoft's hardware certification kit was found in the developer version of Chrome OS. The future may also be added to the new Chrome-boot feature.Google Pixelbuke may be able to get dual-boot support soon. Google engineers are working to bring significant changes to the Chrome operating system for this feature. Chrome will need additional storage to install Windows 10. So dual-boot Windows 10 will not support any device capable of 16GB of data storage.

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