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Looking for a RawTherapee review telling you the truth? browse additional to understand will this free and open supply photograph written material software system replace our favourite Lightroom in color correction and batch written material.

What Is RawTherapee?

RawTherapee is a totallyfree open source picture editing software that edit RAW files.

It offers deep exposure color correction, bar graph matching, high dynamic vary (HDR) tone mapping and different helpful image adjusments. you'll be able to use RawTherapee on Windows, MacOS and numerous incarnations of UNIX operating system system.

It is a free exposure written material code that's free underneath a General Public License. If you would like a reliable and free software for basic exposure written material, attempt RawTherapee. browse my honest and full review of its main options below.



While scripting this RawTherapee review I came to the conclusion that this software combines a simple to navigate interface with powerful instruments for basic kind of piece of writing pictures. In general, RawTherapee positions itself as a swift, advantageous bibliothec supporting a large choice of RAW file sorts and permitting sensible management and piece of writing in varied image libraries. It additionally provides varied tools for tonal correction, noise reduction, rotation, exposure management, dynamical shadows/lights, tonal settings, white balance settings. Simply put, RawTherapee constitutes of a cross between Photoshop and Lightroom within the shell of Adobe Camera RAW.


Open source
Imagine the situation: you found an instrument bug or aninterface flaw, facing which you have problems usingthe software. Instead of waiting for the next update, normally coming once a month, where the previous version errors might be fixed - you simply correct the error yourself. This is what open source means - access to all software files.

Well-designed cataloguer
When working with photos in Raw format, many people are confused: why does this or that program do not want to open my Raw file, why does it take too long loading it? The programmer sapproached this with impressive responsibility, in the database of RawTherapee supported cameras. Onlythe cameras releasedin 2019 aren’t yet covered.

Advanced instruments for color correction
RawTherapee positions itself as an excellent RAW converter, its color correction toolkit is impressively equipped: brushes, customizable curves, noise reduction, many sliders that softly regulate exposure, shadows, brightness, white balance,etc.

RawTherapee Review


Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One professional, you don’t ought to register to launch RawTherapee transfer. Follow the link to the official webpage, choose the version for your software package, transfer and install RawTherapee. Since no manual or user guide is obtainable for higher understanding this Therapee review can facilitate grasping its main options.


With the primary RawTherapee’s launch the file viewer tab can stay empty till you specify the situation of the RAW images meant for photo piece of writing. After that, offer RawTherapee time to method every file and depict miniatures inthe central operating window. By default, the last opened directory are going to be visible once startup.

To keep the RawTherapee review brief i'll not re-examine all the seven pages of settings wherever you absolutely customise your operating place to your explicit wants. simply access them with “Preferences” button placed within the higher right. This menu has seven pages covering general settings piece of writing background color, layout, do image piece of writing, file browsing, color management, batch piece of writing, etc


Thumbnails enable you to open delineated pictures once a double click that launches toolbar and history panelsin the other corners singly. The “History” on the left aspect of the space tracks all changes created to the chose photo.


The RawTherapee toolbar provides eight preview modes to assist you customise pictures preview. (They also are offered exploitation keyboard shortcuts.) just one preview mode are often activated at a time. you'll use different modes for red, green, blue, and brightness channels, similarly as a preview of the main focus mask for viewing areas focussed.


Previewing one separate channel comes handy throughout RGB cruves piece of writing or coming up with a monochromatic conversion viaa channel mixer, estimating image noise. Previewing the brightness instantly shows the b&w exposure piece of writing while not dynamical its initial settings. Use this mode to look at however pictures square measure displayed in monochrome or decide that channel are often altered.

There square measure thirty two RawTherapee profiles for exposure piece of writing, they're alleged filters. you'll be able to produce and save your personal profiles which will be used whereas exposure piece of writing for keeping consistent look.


In this RawTherapee review section, we’ll mention the program’s toolbar section referred to as “Exposure”. it's sliders adjusting exposure values which will be simply reset via the “Neutral” button or captive to projected positions with the “Auto Levels”. Those sliders signify distinction, saturation, shadow/glare balance changes, conjointly tone curves that have an extra film simulation.


The second tab within the toolbar is “Details”, that is answerable for sharpening and reducing noise. the consequences of some filters on this panel is seen only the image is 100 percent enlarged.


Photo sharpening in RawTherapee is exhausted 2 ways: Unsharp Rawtherapee Masks(USM) or RL Deconvolution. Unsharp Mask uses normal Radius, quantity and Threshold adjustment choices, but the software package permits you to use tools solely within the form of the article. I mean removing unneeded noise from the background or the face.


RL Deconvolution applies a filter that's like mathematician blur in Photoshop. This works in line with an easy principle: after you confirm the blur radius you wish to delete - use the “Damping slider” to forestall sharpening in sleek areas.


The noise reduction settings ar within the Fourier rework tab and this is often one amongst the tools that needs a 100 percent increase so as to visualize any effects. There ar sliders for dominant brightness and color noise, moreover as Delta Chrominance sliders for the red and blue channels. The Gamma slider changes the ability of noise reduction within the tonal vary, permitting you to by selection work on completely different levels of tones. The Defringe tool is meant to correct color fringing caused by axial aberration.


Next in my RawTherapee review i'll cite “Color” section that provides tools for adjusting white balance and vibrance, has instruments like channel mixer, HSV equalizer, RGB curves. so as to use these image writing tools, RawTherapee provides a eye dropper.


Vibration changes ar a lot of customizable than in most alternative various programs. The tool permits you to regulate the balance of saturated shades and pastel tones and you'll be able to conjointly use the checkbox, that is meant to shield skin tones from over image writing.


The Channel Mixer permits you to customise the channels of red, inexperienced and blue on an individual basis. it's wont to extend the vary of the White Balance tool, moreover on edit tones in black and white pictures. you'll be able to conjointly use the HSV tab, with that you'll be able to use to regulate the saturation and hues a lot of exactly. RGB curves enable you to use a curve setting on an individual basis for every RGB channel.


The Color Management section works with independent agency and Adobe DCP profiles. The default setting is mechanically matched to the camera profile. once distinctive your camera/lens, RawTherapee makes machine changes. you'll be able to conjointly specify a operating color house of seven choices, together with sRGB and Adobe RGB.


The “Advanced” and “Transform” tabs contain cropping, resizing, rotating, adjusting lens, moreover as tools for perspective management and distortion correction, optical aberration, and vignetting.


The next tab is Raw, that presents tools designed specifically for writing RAW files. It permits you to pick out AN algorithmic rule for unpacking raw data.


The Raw tab conjointly contains pre image writing settings for filtering pattern noise and removing varied defects created by some cameras with slightly completely different inexperienced filters. there's a filter for removing "hot" or "broken" pixels. Linear sliders ar designed to correct black and white dots to deal with advanced lighting. writing of too dark photos is employed to eliminate defects caused by long exposures. optical aberration writing is additionally accessible.


The last tab is “Meta data”, that displays the Exif meta knowledge recorded on the image. you'll be able to delete, save or add/change Exif meta knowledge. The IPTC information tab covers image data like title, location, search keywords, and copyright data.


After doing some basic editing, I have a slightly controversial opinion. Indeed Rawtherapee offers a very good Raw converter, plus a preview of some functions, but unfortunately there are still many important features that are not yet available.

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Hi Supermanyns95,

Thank you for reviewing the RawTherapee project. RawTherapee is an excellent project. I have read a few reviews about it, and I understand its efficacy as a photo manipulator.

On the presentation side, the post is well-illustrated, but the writing is terrible. There are a lot of unclear sentences and misuse of punctuation.

I'd suggest you work hard on improving your writing. Also, Grammarly could help fix some of these issues. I'd recommend you use it in your future publications. If you wish, I'd be glad to cite some examples in a follow-up comment.

Thank you!

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