Introducing SteemPlus backend

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New Project: SteemPlus backend

What is the project about?

We are working hard to bring the whole lot of new tools that the community needs but in some cases, querying the blockchain can be too slow to present results in a timely manner. That is why we have decided to start using SteemSQL for some of our features.

SteemSQL is a well maintained and frequently synchronized database proposed by @arcange that allows to access blockchain data in a super fast way.

Since SteemSQL is a paying service (10SBD/month) and requires login credentials, I couldn't expose those information directly on the extension and had to create a backend. The primary purpose of this backend will be to provide APIs that fetch the SteemSQL data.

Existing features

As of today, the backend returns data on the two following endpoints:

  • /api/get-witness/[username] : Gets a lot of data on a witness : its rank, last mined block, missed block and much more (See result hereunder)
  • /api/get-mentions/[username] : Gets mentions of [username], both from posts and comments. Body is truncated for a better execution speed.

Technology Stack

We used Node.js and Express framework to create our backend.


In a first time, we will keep using this backend to fetch more information from SteemSQL such as:

  • Wallet information
  • Delegation received
  • Witness votes received
  • Whatever else I will think of during my sleepless nights!

In the future, it might also include some non-SteemSQL algorithms, but I ll keep that a secret for now!

List of commits

Wanna contribute?

Join us on Discord

No idea what SteemPlus is? Read on!

The complete list of feature and their description can be found in the documentation.

Available on Steemit and Busy
  • Voting slider for minnows (you do not need to vote at 100% anymore!)
  • True value of your account on your wallet (calculated with current SBD and STEEM market prices)
  • Delegation button in your wallet (with list of delegatees and undelegate button)
  • One click switch between Steemit , Busy, Utopian and Steemd
Available on Steemit (and mspsteem)
  • Feed+ : Filter your feed by tags, resteems (hide, show, blacklist, whitelist), reputation and sort it by upvotes/date/payout
  • STEEM/USD and SBD/USD values in the user dropdown
  • Option to add beneficiaries to your post (you can say that 10% of your post payout will go to one of your friends for example)
  • Cool badges on user profiles show their rank: Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whales
  • Direct transfer to users
  • Favorites
  • Steem Sincerity
  • All Steemit More Info features
  • Steemit Board Awards

SteemPlus Installation procedures

You can download and install SteemPlus directly from the Chrome Store if you are using Chrome (follow this link ).
For installation procedures on Opera and Firefox, please check our documentation.

Big shoutout to @jerrybanfield and his budgets project that allow us the speed up the development of SteemPlus!

@stoodkev and @cedricguillas for @steem-plus

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@stoodkev we love @steem-plus and are grateful for your contributions each day! Thank you for the shout out here! I intend to make a witness vote for you as soon as a space is available!


Thanks! You ve been a big help in making this happen!
Your witness vote will be greatly appreciated!

Great idea, I probably can expose my API used to open source project ^_^

Need help? Write a ticket on
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Thanks! Indeed making APIs opensource will make it easier to future developers to create their own Steem Apps =)


That becomes interesting, a toolkit for open source developpers working on Steem.
I guess some APIs already exist here and there though, but I don't know if they are really open to everyone.

Hey @stoodkev I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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awesome post and please follow and upvote me

hello, why in steem plus my human percent is droping everyday ? before I was 95% human and now less and less , even 89% right now, I am not spamming at all, why this is happening ?


The percentage is calculated by machine learning and the algorithm takes more and more parameters. Ofc humans and spammers have similarities. Your result doesn't mean that you're 11% a spammer. It means that you are a human and that the algorithm announces it with a very high 89% confidence on its prediction.

very good job friend, good luck always my friend

Thank you for working on these issues!
We need more people like you working on the system!

Thank you for working on these issues!
We need more people like you working on the system!

This is really incredible information @stoodkev. I would love to share this information with my friends in Indonesia. And it is impossible for me to do plagiarism on your writing unless I have your permission. To create in my own language, that is Indonesian.

Regart Success @stoodkev 🙏

Great contribution, backend is more my kind of developement, as I said, before July it's quite complicated for me to contribute on code, but I will put a note to consider joining the project more actively at that time

My favorite part is the ability to delegate some of the payout rewards of a post to other users, friends for example like you said.

My one big and yet unrelated question would be more about whether or not there is or could be a web designing backend application for the STEEM blockchain that could be like WordPress or other web builders in letting us customize at least one home page which we would use to link to our Steemit posts and to Dlive and Dtube Dsound videos, audio, other things, and/or whatever we want for a home page. MySpace had a feature which allowed people to customize the home page. My question is about if there is any projects out there yet like that for Steem or if others are interested or not in a customizable home page thing.