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Following this post from @flauwy, I've been tasked to start the creation of the new 1UP.
As a reminder, @utopian-1UP was an Utopian bot front-runner in which members of the community would decide which are the best posts to vote for. the @utopian-1up would then vote for the best post every 2.4 hours, followed by hundreds of curators in the trail.

What s new?

Our support dev @ederaleng is now working on populating our database with all the posts eligible for a 1UP.
In the meantime I have created the new route and the corresponding views for displaying the posts of a given community.

The route is /posts/:community where :community is the name of the community.

I have manually inputed one post in the database, but in the future, thanks to @ederaleng's work, this will be automated.
Here is how the community posts page looks like:

On the top, the current best 1UP-voted post shows up, next to a countdown until the community tail reaches 100% and starts the smart trail. I am already working on replacing the Voting Power by the new Voting Mana for this calculation.

Other posts will show under this header, order by number of 1UP votes and displayed 3 per rows.

In the next iteration, users who are logged in, have a sufficient reputation and are whitelisted (if needed) will be able to cast the 1UP votes

Future work

  • Allow 1UP votes on it
  • Vote on the best post of the period

Live Demo

As a demonstration speaks more than lots of words, I ve put back online the old Utopian1UP website. You can try by yourself and create a community and link a trail to it for testing purposes.
No votes will be casted do not worry, but it's an offline token so, for safety reasons, I would recommend using a test account.

Live Demo

Pull Request

Community Posts

GitHub Account


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