Fully Automated STEEM Voter

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What is the project about?

The idea is to provide fully automated voting for STEEM users. While still retaining great control. The first version allows automated upvoting for a set list of users, whereby each user has a unique upvote weight and amount of upvotes it can receive per day. The end goal is to have a front end where users can connect via Steemconnect and set their automated voting preferences.

Technology Stack

This project is build upon Steem-Python and is written in Python. The front end will be build with Django and Steemconnect well be used for authentication.


Expanding on voting abilities, adding more dynamic control and building a front end where normal users can connect via Steemconnect and easily configure automated voting.

Vote trailing

The ability to follow specific users voting patterns and mimic these votes with configurable settings

Specific delay per user

The ability to set a custom voting delay per user


The option to downvote users

Dynamic voting based on current voting power

Vote weight will be automatically adjusted to keep a healthy voting power

Batched upvoting

Allow for voting in rounds/batches to maximise voting power

Multiple accounts

Support voting on multiple account

Following a hashtag

Upvote users using a specific hashtag, in addition with a whitelist/blacklist and other custom settings like limiting the amount of votes per day.

Leave configurable comments

Leaving custom messages on upvoted posts.

Front end user interface

Setting up a website where users can log in with Steemconnect and set their automated voting preferences.

How to contribute?

The project is on GitHub so you can fork the project and submit a pull request, you can also contact met on Discord @juliank.

GitHub Account


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Thank you for your contribution. How it will be different from SteemAuto or SteemVoter as they both somewhat does the same thing?

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Thanks, that is good question. While there is indeed a lot of overlap in the basic features the difference mostly lies in the added dynamic features.

  • Steemvoter allows for automated upvotes with a customisable upvote_weight and vote_delay and requires you to trust your posting key to them. The first version of this application adds a daily upvote limit for each user and does not require the user to give up the private keys.

  • Steemauto uses Steemconnect which adds security and hosts several other interesting features which are not on the roadmap like post scheduling and automated claiming of rewards. They however offer little features when it comes down to automated upvoting of a customisable user list.

Users will be able to run the code for themselves or use the front end when its available. This keep full control to the users depending on their liking. Most of the features on the roadmap are about being dynamic , keeping track of the voting power to adjust the parameters so that users can focus on other things.


Sounds great, will look forward for the whole product as planned and how the development goes.
Kudos :)

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Another great contribution! Way to go!

I've actually just gone through one of your first tutorials (streaming the blockchain) and set up an auto voter for one of my projects. Seems to be working well enough for now -- but I'll definitely wrap my head around this one soon.