Steempress 1.3.1 : Multiple account support, moderation team and small changes.

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Steempress 1.3.1 : Multiple account support, moderation team and small changes.

It has been a busy two weeks since our last update, but today we are happy to announce some new updates that have been highly requested by many of our users.

We are also happy to report on the steady growth in our userbase which is now at 1400 different Steem accounts who jointly publish approximately 2000 posts per day. It is also a pleasure to see more users joining our discord server, now at more than 700 members, where we invite you to provide suggestions and comments to us, or ask questions.

We invite you to join us there:

Discord Moderation

While the growing number of active users engaging on our Discord server is of great value to us, it has also overwhelmed us with more questions than we have the capacity to handle on our own. We have therefore decided to install our first set of moderators to help answer common questions and also help new users who speak other languages than English.

We ask you to please welcome our first 4 moderators to the team:


Note that @damla speaks Turkish and @arie.steem speaks Indonesian so don't hesitate to ask them in your native language if you have any questions or comments.

As our different language communities grows, and as new sub-communities become more active users of SteemPress, we will be happy to add extra moderators to our team if there is sufficient interest. Please do not hesitate to contact @fredrikaa on Discord if you would like to join our rank of moderators for any of our groups or make contributions in any other ways.

Multiple user support

One of the most requested features over the past weeks has been the support for multiple Steem accounts to be able to post from the same WordPress blog. As many websites will have different authors contributing with their own content, this will allow users to more easily collaborate on a website while allowing the right Steem account to take credit for different articles.

We are therefore happy to introduce a first version where the admin of the WordPress blog can specify the username and posting key of each additional user in the plugin settings:

Multiple Steem accounts can now be associated with a website where different users can publish content through SteemPress suing their own Steem accounts

If the field asking for the Steem username or posting key are left empty for any of the WordPress accounts then these will continue to post with the default Steem account as before.

Note that you can also check if your username and posting key for each user is correct at the bottom:

This update to SteemPress has been made fully open source and our latest commits can be found here.

Other changes

We also made a few small changes and bugfixes :

  • Span tags are now proprely removed. which eases edits later on

  • Handling of some utf8 characters that didn't work with steem.

  • Some stability edits to the voting bot to avoid crashing in case of a node failure.

Finally, we are continuously improving our internal capacity to review new and existing accounts to help us better curate the right content. We understand the impatience of some users who have not yet received a tip from @steempress-io, but we are confident that our new tools will help us improve the speed and fairness of our reviews.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who continues to support SteemPress and to our users who provide ideas, suggestions, feedback and reports of bugs or abuse.

And as always, SteemPress on!
@fredrikaa and @howo

To use SteemPress, you can download it from the WordPress plug-in store here:


SteemPress development payment #1

Wow! It's awesome! Thanks for the great work, @howo and @fredrikaa.

Congrats and Welcome to the moderators!

thanks for mention us
very happy to get a new adventure with you guys.

@arie.steem happy to work with you too ;)

Jadi 1 blog bisa dibuat rame² ya bang @arie.steem?
Pasti ini menarik buat blog komunitas

it makes you think!

Highly rEsteemed!

Great news... Thanks for update.. Its awesome.. Congratulations & welcome to the moderates...

Great that you have multi-language moderators and and having multiple account support is a great way for communities to get involve and use.

I know there have been a lot of Filipino Steemians already using Steempress and I plan to get involved with it once I fix my domain name .

@steempress-io brother....Before your start I would personally like to thank roelandp for creating this website, he has done amazing work for the steem community.SteemStream - View all the activity for all steem users real time. Not sure how this useful this site is to me but its good to have the transparency, I see that up votes are dominating the page. It’s always shows a strange charting/line tracking of new users, posts & comments at the bottom of the page. 34 upvotes per minute, 7 comments per minute, 3.8 post per minute.

This team is awesome, ¿Are you a witness for upvote you?

Good job @howo and @fredrikaa.
We wish SteemPress more use.

I am excited to be part of Steempress! I hope we will reach many Wordpress bloggers and have them use Steempress features :)

Props to @howo and @fredrikaa for creating this awesome plugin!

@bullsvsbears @futurethinker @arie.steem @damla

First off, Congratulations guys!

Secondly, I would like to check if Steempress-io has stopped upvoting people who use steempress to post their content?

Because it has been 2-3 days since I received it.

Lastly, hopefully I am able to get a response for this. Thank you in advance!! Sorry for the trouble and appreciate your help!!

Just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you have been putting into this project.

I've been using Steempress now for a few weeks and have found it literally flawless. I'm a huge fan of how similar posts on my blog translate onto Steemit. This was so important for me, finding the right plugin that did that and I think you guys knocked it out of the park.

Just joined the Discord and look forward to reading all your future updates. Such an awesome project and very grateful I found it when I did :)

Even though everything is fine with my WordPress blog, the post I wrote today is not getting published on steemit. I even tried to post manually, but it doesn't seems to work. Am I blocked from using steempress?

Thanks for supporting steem ecosystem, tipuvote! :)

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hehehe, a great update! it's sad for me because I no have friends that wants to write post in my wordpress blog haha:( good work guys!

Great update!

The multi account support is nice, but I’d like to see an implementation that uses the ability to set a rewards beneficiary. Instead of posting to a different account, the settings would allow different authors to all post to a singular account, but have rewards (or a certain % of rewards) credited to their personal accounts.

that's really graeat news to use multiple account in one wordpress blog, I love your work btother...

Hi @steempress-io

I am very happy to see your update. But I got into some trouble from this new version. I post on Wordpress through the Steempress Plugin, but that post was not posted to my blog on Steemit. I do not know how to fix that? Although I did follow the instructions

Good newa for us, thank you for update the plugin :)

Amazing work @howo and @fredrikaa. Keep working to advance #steempress.

I like this update. Thanks :]

Wow.... Great update..

Wah bisa tanya2 Kak @arie.steem ya...

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An interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me, we will be friends

This could be a great feature for a magazine style blog. Great Work!

However, I'm wondering if you will be adding a plugin for comments that come from the Steemit posts?

Seeing community engagement from the Steemit community could help to drive others to Steemit especially if they are seeing the dollar amounts attached to upvotes.

I imagine it would only be a read-only comments section with a strong call to action to join the Steemit conversation.

Is true what your no upvote in hosting free, example

Bagaimana cara bisa bergabung di steempress..?
Sangat senang bila anda mau menjawab..?😊

I raised a query about the the tags not being used correctly, when specified about ten days ago... And o didn't get any feedback.... Yet, y'all have been online.

Been positing consistently for about 10 days, using the plugin. Yet to catch a random vote. I guess the 1m SP is for fancy or just for friends of the boss. Although, I think some steempress help or something like that dropped by. Hardly noticed.

Anyway, featured image and image put in posts reflect twice... Kinda funny, when the same image is used. Perhaps, that should be checked.

If that is, y'all are gonna reply to this.

this is awesome, this is what we waiting for.
thank you so much for your hard work guys.

I have always been waiting for an interface that would support archives for the old posts...Totally love this. It took me several hours before i managed to successfully install everything, but now I’m good to go. I just submitted my first post through Steempress!

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Doesn't it benefit steem that the content originates from the blockchain? Could I have that option that I post first to steem then pull that to my site which is just an interface? I read something about the linking not being done correctly so might have to check that but once posted steem will display the content as is? So that canonical thing could be added to the post already? Sorry just rambling in those last two.

Main question is. I would like to indicate/have the content first posted on steem, is this possible?

Import my entire steem blog to my site , sync it?

Option to view the basic markdown version being sent to steem and keep that separate from a proper html version that looks good on the site say when a person uses page builder. Kinda have both, builder for the site, and below that you can check whether you will require it to post a custom markdown version maybe using the parser that steemit uses since it is the only one that has not got some silly hickup with too many things regarding html inside markdown and since most people only use steemit and do not know how things look on busy or steempeak.

Great work though, and you can totally ignore this if none of it is something you would consider.

Thanks to this project I can attest that I can grow with your help on this platform, thank you very much and keep on innovating

Steempress is a very nice plugin and makes it easy for us steemian and bloggers. Thank @steempress-io

Keep working @steempress-io, #steempress, from blog to blockhain.

You are doing an excellent work with the plugin :D !
Thanks for your effort and greetings from venezuela !!!

I am getting an error when I try to go to the Steempress setting page on my Wordpress site. Is this a common bug that can be fixed?


Felicidades, están haciendo un excelente trabajo.


So, I just started using the Steempress plugin yesterday and it published all the demo posts on my website at once on my Steemit blog (10 of them LOL) which were Lorem Ipsum placeholders.

I hope I am not blacklisted now 😇

@arie.steem mantap gan.. ada 1 moderator dari Indonesia.

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muy buena informacion siempre los cambios estaran latentes cariño desde Venezuela..

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