SteemNova - Development Log #1

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It is over 2 months since start of SteemNova project. More and more players are in the game. Right now over 350 ruling Emperors. This makes SteemNova the biggest 2Moons-engine live server, and still growing.

Development progress impose high pace. Steem developers contribute kindly by submitting new issues and resolving them. Many thanks to @utopian-io platform which helps much in this process.

During 2 months play over 90 players earned 13,184 SBD through weekly payouts.


New features


  • Marketplace module


  • Minimum password length set to 6 (obsolete after SteemConnect)
  • Multisession feature (playing from many devices at the same time)
  • SteemConnect authentication


Balance adjustments

  • Adjust randomness of Expedition mission
Chances changed to:
- Find resources: 32,5%. Values from
- Find Dark Matter: 9%. Values from 2Moons
- Find abandoned ships: 22%. Values from , took 80% data.
- Find pirates or aliens: 8,4%. 50/50 pirates or aliens.
- Black hole: 0,3%
- The fleet delays or return earlier: 9%
- Find nothing: 18,8%...
  • Correct ships base speed when discovered new engine
  • Combat system rework
Completely rework of combat system:
- 1v1 instead of grouped ships fights
- true random shots
- armor does not regenerate each turn (bugfix)
- shields does break for each ship instead of "summarized shield"
- bounced shot if attack power less than 1% of enemy shield
- ships can explode if less than 70% of initial armor each round
- attack power does not range random +/-20% anymore. The randomness is high enough
- combat reports does not cut randomly (bugfix)
- optimization of arrays to Ds\Map and Ds\Vector (up to 10x less resources/time)
- tested on up to 500k units battle with success (1 core cpu, <128MB ram usage). For bigger battles the better server is needed or improve combat engine optimization.
  • Missiles build time extend from 1s
  • Removed sorting columns of the Battle Hall

Game User Interface

  • Technology description and levels revision
  • Messages with missing %s values correction
  • Animated nova theme, UI refresh (logo, background, login page, animated GIFs)
  • Show current engine version commit as footer (eg. SteemNova engine abf198d)


Translation updates

  • Polish translation updates
  • English translation updates
  • German translation updates


  • Cancelling running research error
  • Cancelling queued building error
  • Fleet wrong return times
  • Incorrect planet sorting
  • Some messages inproper language
  • Bugged sorting in alliance memberlist
  • Spying probes can no longer see flying Transfer fleets
  • Recyclers using bonus Officer capacity when sending from Galaxy view
  • Blocked possibility to research technology when there is upgrade of laboratory in progress on another planet


Rebalance buildings and technologies cost

Right now buildings and technologies are too rich, compared to online calculator. In SteemNova they are shifted by +1 level. The plan is to fix formula, giving users possibility to advance +1 level of everything in the cost of already spend resources for buildings/techs.
On the other side, Crystal Mine is way too cheap. It increases its cost by factor of x1,5 instead of x1,6. Normalizing both above will approximately break even with slightly advantage towards younger universum players.

Responsive modern UI

Modern user interface with full responsiveness directed especially at mobile usage is a must. Probably Bootstrap 4 will be used. Bigger links, no zooms and no page movings in mobile browsers is the main goal.

Enhance Marketplace by transactions history/ally embargo/ships trading etc.

@dotevo is working hard on extending features around Marketplace. New type of players “Traders” should arrive to the game soon.

Imperators rebalance

Many voices at discord shouts that Imperator bonuses are too cheap to achieve. Some of them are also too strong. Some balance in the future is needed.

Remove reflink system

As of SteemConnect accounts integration, SteemNova will slowly turn off possibility to play via classic login:password authentication. This means reflinks would not work anymore too. SteemConnect doesn’t have such a feature.

Disable some of end game units

2Moons engine came with new end game ships and defenses to build. Their statistics look strange and kinda unbalanced. To keep balance of fights, they will be removed. Proper notification will appear earlier.

New: possibility to destroy planets. Same as destroying moons by Death Stars.

This is just an idea to make game more dynamic. Planets are much bigger than moons so destroying them is much harder. Everything will turn out after first Death Stars start to fly.

New: Delegation attract system

Ingame delegation system will provide delegators to entitle ships. For example delegate can brand Little Fighter MYS-01 to show up for everyone. The amount of Steem Power will be ship production cost ratio in game.

New: Relocate planets over universes

Players will be able to move their planets to another coordinates. Paid probably in some big amount of Dark Matter. Prizes unknown.

Starting from 1 April, Weekly payouts transition into Daily payouts. With summary payouts for each week.

The goal of SteemNova is to be win 2 pay type of game. Weekly payouts scheme is working pretty good. As an experiment these will change into Daily shares of whole SteemNova universe. Daily bulletins will provide more statistics data than it is now. Rewards each day means competing will be worth much more than 7-day cooldown. Payouts will be transferred once a week.

Bugfixing, bugfixing..

Special Thanks to Developers


Special Thanks to Testers


Special Thanks to Graphic Artists


SteemNova Discord server

SteemNova GitHub project

"The Steem must flow"

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Keep up the good work. Can't wait for daily payouts :)

For any moderators checking this - I can assure you this account is managed by the project owners even though it has no Github sync.


I am the owner of SteemNova project and @steemnova account is created for project purposes by me.

Great game, superb idea, positive people, true satisfaction - it's all in #steemnova ;P

Keep up the good work!

Hey everbody

My name is marsell and I am on Rank1 in Steemnova since a long time...




This is steemnova...

Thanks to all of you ! Really great job !

I almost start to like being trapped by @sarmaticus :-)


:))) For me it is pleasure ;)

I just join the game few days ago and all that i can say is that i love it!
For the moment i have 52 points and i am on the position 173, and i have join an Alliance as well(better say i have been accepted...)
I do have one question.. how players are able to earn SBD!
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
In the following days i will write a review as well about the game!😉


Super! Thanks a lot!
I will take a look now...very soon i will add a review as well about the game!😉

Thanks for bringing this great ideology into existence. Bravo. @steemnova

Chances changed to:

  • Find resources: 32,5%. Values from
  • Find Dark Matter: 9%. Values from 2Moons
  • Find abandoned ships: 22%. Values from , took 80% data.
  • Find pirates or aliens: 8,4%. 50/50 pirates or aliens.
  • Black hole: 0,3%
  • The fleet delays or return earlier: 9%
  • Find nothing: 18,8%...

I don't know if it's just my experience but for more or less week since I started doing expeditions,
about 20 missions a day,
it seems to me that the rate of finding nothing is closer to 30% than 19%.
I'm not good with programming and coding stuff,
so I cannot really do much other than maybe keep statistics of mission raports.
But that would take a while...
So if there's someone who can run a simulation,
to confirm the randomness,
that would be great.


Hey, I checked the coding again.
18,8% should be correct.
The function used for returning the random numbers is also fine.

So even if you have a "unlucky" streak it shouldn't be something to worry about :)

Of course a few simulations are always appreciated :)


Well, thank you very much then.
I will just keep statistics of my expedition reports for few weeks just to calm my paranoid brain. :D

Awesome progress.
I hope the list of improvements continue growing in such fast pase.
Keep up the good work, guys.

Very good progress! congratulations

Looks promising! Gonna have to check this out.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

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Enjoying the game. Thanks to all putting the work in to develop.

Congratulations Team every day are better results and performance in the game .. I am happy to be part of this great family .. Thanks for everything learned through the game ...

thx you bro for this amazing game @mys @steemnova

How a wonderful idea to make a game based on steemit. Keep up the good work! :)