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RE: European Financial Transparency Gateway

The EU bureaucracy might not be a nice environment for such development, and I think there are political reasons for not having already a common database, a common reporting.

Don't get me wrong, the initiative is good and I want to get involved, but I have no good experiences with the EU regulatory forums.


u-huh ... i said it somewhere else and somewhere down here, its a bold plan to get money and investment, but the EU has BAD habits when it comes to regulation and pretending to crowdsource, only to pass law behind closed doors after that. The last thing they crowdsourced, the piracy report was so inconvenient they buried it so deep it took a MEP to invoke freedom of information in order to get it publicized (turns out the whole witchhunt only pays the trolls and lawyers and piracy actually barely dents revenue as people wouldnt bother paying anyway if they couldnt get it for free (in most cases) ... in some cases (gaming or anime) sometimes it even acted as free advertising , boosting sales)

not convenient for the lobby = buried ... and putting this in the face of the enlightened lords of mordor is a coinflip that could very well blow up in your face ... i concurrrrrrrr


"Not convenient for the lobby = buried ... and putting this in the face of the enlightened lords of mordor is a coinflip that could very well blow up in your face ... i concurrrrrrrr"

Indeed, a major challenge. There are vested interests.

if anyone needs proof i linked the article here below already, they just passed the "filter" law ... (in the name of piracy ofcourse) ... after burying said report which proved piracy isnt even worth pursuing because the cost far outweigh what would be gained because people who dont buy in over 90% of cases wouldnt buy it anyway, wether they had the money or not but in most people simply cant afford ... now that law is passed but in european that means every country can decide for themselves what goes on the internet and what does not, what is appropriate and what is not ... despite advice from all people intellectual and activist, watchdog, free speech movement, tech geniuses ... about everyone but the lobby itself (including the notorious Vint C) to NOT do it because its the most Orwellian move in western history. They said okay okay then did it (during footy season, its a repeating pattern) ... all that advice in public well taken, lofty speeches given on freedom of speech and "privacy" (after which the EU attorney general declared that privacy shouldnt be if it was about piracy ... its a REAL witch hunt, meaning in practical terms i guess he was lobbying for police not needing a warrant if you're accused of piracism .. the new black) ...

the extent of collateral damage of a law like that in EUrope (most americans are confused about the use of the word Union in EU, because its nothing like the states) it means since every country can just interpret, so the more conservative might not have anything that offends religious or grandpa's views, you know ... is that it might actually split the internet into geolocation zones ... which is totally the end really

Julia Reda wants to oppose as TPP always does but despite the backing they get from people who know what they're doing and saying (it was born after the way they treated TPB founders legally, i mean gottfrid got put in isolation for i have no idea how long, like they do in guantanamo ... over copyright "claims" before any trial , get it?) but its not about the right to copy, these are all highly educated and tech savvy people, not the dred pirate roberts lol

but they just get ignored and plebs be plebs, pardon my french but they once more proved they are, "theres footy on tv","i dont have time for that" ...

and here we are, so that's why i think the exhilaration here of "being taken seriously" might end with a seriously bitter aftertaste

but i know how it goes , everyone wants to shine on that stage in that 10k suit giving speeches on how it should be done and get applause

but thats all smoke and mirrors, in reality poverty and crime levels are at a total all time high, i think that is why they concentrate on easy targets

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Human reasons. There are very human reasons indeed. Politicians are humans. 90% of the people (probably including yourself) would do the same when in similar circumstances.

Adam Smith actually says this in Wealth of nations, v. 2. He trusts people, but trusts circumstances and systems more. More than people.