SteemPlus 3.8.3 : Supporting the new DTube, embedding DTube videos + fixing Voting Mana indicator

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Dear users,

It's been a while, I know, my life has been pretty hectic lately and I couldn't afford another developer to help me work on SteemPlus, but anyways, I am back and I made some small adjustments to SteemPlus, and will keep working on it more actively from now on!

DTube Support

As you may know, through SteemPlus you can post DTube videos directly from Steemit, just type dtubeas the first tag to have the feature kicking in and upload your video and images.

With the latest DTube update, some needed parameters changed, causing issues with videos posted from SteemPlus, it has been fixed!

Additionally, rather than only linking resulting videos to DTube website, SteemPlus is now embedding the DTube video to be directly watchable on Steemit!

Voting Mana Calculation

There was an error in the Voting Mana calculation, for accounts powering down. Thanks to @clixmoney bug report, I was able to fix this issue.

What's cooking?

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Not that much work in here, I am mostly using the utopian tag for reference here.

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I know you have mentioned that you've added utopian-io tag as a reference. But this looks like a valid contribution to me. Good to see you're back on track and continue developing steem-plus.

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Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks a lot for all the work you do for our blockchain. Any great work should be appreciated, I'm glad you fixed the issue. I love steemplus. ☺

..,,creo que @steem-plus es uno de los equipos más claros en la plataforma steem. Se basan escencialmente en darle comodidad a los diferentes servicios que necesitamos para producir con rápidez y excelencia.

Estas alianzas, como todas las cosas técnicas estan sometidas a sus errores y correcciones. @Dtuve ,tambien es otra buena herramienta para producir con calidad y e forma sencilla.

Ahora está fusión hace que dos grandes se convierta en un gigante steem... En hora buena.

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