SteemPlus 2.14 : Follower / Witness voter indicator

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Who never seen someone claiming that they followed you or voting you for witness although it wasn't true? Want a fast way to know the truth?

Download/Update your SteemPlus and read on to see how to do this quickly!

We've also joined a few bug fixes to this version.

New feature : Follower / Witness indicator.

Although the ways to see if someone follows you / voted for you as a witness are plenty, they all require you to leave the page you re currently on. We want you to get the information you need, when you need it ! Thanks to @arcange for suggesting this feature!


I accenditally muted Utopian and now it s not following me anymore T_T.

Other examples of the other possible results:

Of course if your account is not linked to a witness, only the "following" information will be displayed.

More accurate account value

@naturicia notified us that if one was to withdraw Steem from the Savings or issue a market order, the pending amount wouldn't be taken into account in our account value estimation.

We have done some magic and the account value should be even more accurate now!

Bug fixes

  • Wallet filter was not always loading and needed a click on one of the filters to appear. We fixed it.
  • Wallet filters would appear twice if Savings were being withdrawn. Fixed
  • Detailed value of each vote of a post not always appearing. Fixed

Coming soon

  • Signatures
  • User statistics
  • Some Android stuff, we ll come to it ;)

Repository, Pull requests and Commits

Wanna contribute?

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List of features

The complete list of feature and their description can be found in the documentation.

Available on Steemit and Busy
  • Voting slider for minnows (you do not need to vote at 100% anymore!)
  • True value of your account on your wallet (calculated with current SBD and STEEM market prices)
  • Delegation button in your wallet (with list of delegatees and undelegate button)
  • One click switch between Steemit , Busy, Utopian and Steemd
Available on Steemit (and mspsteem)
  • Feed+ : Filter your feed by tags, resteems (hide, show, blacklist, whitelist), reputation and sort it by upvotes/date/payout
  • STEEM/USD and SBD/USD values in the user dropdown
  • Option to add beneficiaries to your post (you can say that 10% of your post payout will go to one of your friends for example) - 5% fee goes to SteemPlus if you use this feature.
  • Cool badges on user profiles show their rank: Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whales
  • Direct transfer to users
  • Favorites
  • Steem Sincerity
  • All Steemit More Info features
  • Steemit Board Awards
  • Witness information
  • Enhanced wallet
  • Rewards Information

Installation procedures

You can download and install SteemPlus directly from the Chrome Store if you are using Chrome (follow this link ).
For installation procedures on Opera and Firefox, please check our documentation.

Big shoutout to @jerrybanfield and his budgets project that allow us the speed up the development of SteemPlus!

@stoodkev and @cedricguillas for @steem-plus

Powered by @adsactly

Powered by @utopian-io

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Thank you for your contribution. How about A voted B as a proxy and B votes you, in this case could it show something like "A votes you indirectly via proxy B". And this could be a bit deeper e.g. A->B->C->D ...

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Firstly, I want to thank you that SteemPlus is reaaly a great extension. We are looking for to have it on Android too. :)


Detailed value of each vote of a post not always appearing. Fixed

Nope, still not fixed.

Voting slider for minnows (you do not need to vote at 100% anymore!)

Yes there is a voting slider but not working :), is that because of İ am a plankton? :)

Ooops sorry, i think i still have 2.13 installed.

haha ok, did you manage to update?

Nope, i m using opera and i just disable 2.13 and try to add 2.14 but it is just saying "checking". I think it will be later update automatically.

Now I totally uninstall and install 2.14 however there is a problem with it. It doesn't work with Opera.



I am using Opera and it works perfectly. You might have a problem with your browser.

I made several times uninstal and re-install at the end it is working now :) Perfect!

@neoxian , I think you will love this new feature of theirs :)

Love this update! Quick question, what tool did you use to make the cool little "demonstration Gif" I've been looking to make some of those to help with tutorials :) Thanks again for an awesome plugin. It's so extremely useful.

I use ScreenToGif on Windows :D

Omg thank you @cedricguillas! I appreciate you sharing that with me. :) <3 xoxo

I use Peek on Ubuntu, Idk if it also works on other OS =)
Glad you like the plugin!

excellent application) this is really cool)
giphy (3).gif

You must have been working on finishing this update yesterday?! 😉
I guess that because SteemPlus was acting weird (at least on my end). 🙃🙂
Glad to hear about all the new things as well as for bug fixes! 👍🙂

Thank you for your work! It helps me a lot!

The boost functionality is not working properly.steem-plus-boost-fail.png

Thanks, we ll look into it.

You're welcome!

Another cool feature added. Nicely done.
Though some people do not get focus either he is following by someone or not or Unfollow suddenly. Big shots are busy with their work and not get much time to observe. But appreciate the work of 'steem-plus'. Thanks anyway. Always love to steem-plus.

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