Developer Wanted: Loot Box System For Airdrop And Cards (75K UP Tokens Reward)

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The 1UP project is looking for a developer to create a tradable loot box system for us. It serves to reward user activity with a random chance for airdrops of our Smart Media Token "UP" as special 1UP Monster Cards. Both the loot box as well as the cards can potentially be used by games like @steemmonsters and be traded on decentralized market places like @peakmonsters.


How The Loot Box Is Created

Each user on 1UP will have ten daily 1UP-votes. If a user is giving the final tenth upvote of the day, an animated graphic pops up, presenting the new loot box.

The user can directly open it, send to another Steem account or keep it unopened.

Unique Loot Boxes

Each loot box will have a unique ID and is assigned to a specific Steem account via json input on the blockchain. The boxes can be send to other accounts from our open source 1UP wallet. The content of the boxes must be entirely unknown until they are opened.

Content Of Loot Boxes

When the box is opened by a Steem user, the content is revealed in a graphical way. During the Pre-SMT phase we will offer random UP airdrops and a chance for special Mushroom Monster cards. (Later we replace the airdrop for something else.) Each box has a chance for a different amount of UP tokens as well as different drop chances for the cards.

Random Airdrops
The amount of UP tokens that were hidden in the box are displayed in an animated, prominent way, and then added automatically to the users UP balance in the 1UP wallet with a sound effect.

UP is during the Pre-SMT phase just a virtual token until the actual SMT is released. We are currently developing the special wallet for the entire distribution. The loot box reward should tie into that.


Mushroom Monster Cards
Each Loot Box will also contain one guaranteed Mushroom Monster, with the same rarities as Steem Monsters uses: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each card will have a very rare gold foil variant.

The card will be presented with the other side first and needs to be flipped via a click. The closer this process looks to how Steem Monsters reveals new cards, the better. However, a simplified version can be sufficent and improved upon later.

This card to the left is merely a mockup. We will use our own design for the cards.

In the video below you see the Steem Monsters card flip animation at 1m39:

After the loot box has been opened it will be destroyed and cannot be used anymore but stays trackable on the blockchain.

The specific parameters for the airdrop, like total supply and different drop chances will be discussed in private.

1UP Wallet Integration

The Loot Boxes should get a simple entry in the wallet, where they are listed stacked on each other. They should be able to be transferred to another users 1UP wallet. This is also the place to open your Loot Box if you have not done that right away after receiving it. After the Loot Box has been opened, it will disappear from the 1UP wallet.



The Loot Box will be implemented in the open source wallet we are currently developing. We will give you access to the GitHub asap but cannot share it yet.


The Loot Box should be completed until October 31st, 2018.


We will communicate exclusively on the 1UP Discord channel. Please contact @flauwy or @stoodkev for all further details.


1UP will pay you 50,000 UP tokens for the Loot Box system and another 25,000 UP tokens for a well animated content reveal for the loot box. The second part is not mandatory but highly appreciated.


What is 1UP In A Nutshell?

1UP is a new open source communitiy upvoting app where user votes are equal. It daily upvotes the ten highest ranked posts in each community with a smart curation rewards system. We create the UP token based on Steem's upcoming Smart Media Token (SMT) and distribute it to Steemians and communities via various airdrops. UP holders will support community growth and enjoy higher than average returns through smart curation.

For more information please check out our @Fundition fundraiser below.

1UP FundraiserToken Distribution

Thanks for the task request, @steem-1up! It sounds like a very interesting idea, but also quite a lot of work, so I hope you can find someone able to complete it. Good luck!

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Though in year 2018, bears have dominated the market yet here at Steemit, it has been the best year with respect to several unique and valuable projects. 1UP project seems good and I wish you all the best for your crowdfunding campaign. Just sharing it with my followers.

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