Developer Wanted: Help 1UP To Build A Pre-SMT Bounty Wallet (50K UP Tokens Reward)

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Dear developers, we are releasing 1UP, a new community voting platform with our own Smart Media Token called UP. We have many different airdrops planned and need a wallet for the users tokens. During our pre-SMT phase these tokens are no real blockchain technology. However, we want to store the received bounties within our official comments JSON data under each eligible post. This way we store the information on the Steem blockchain for a more secure and transparent distribution. This process is already being done by other SMT projects like @actifit or @dlike, for example.

Manual Airdrops

We need a backend for the following features: If a moderator finds an eligible post, a comment should be done via pre-set comment templates and with an adjustable individual airdrop amounts Each comment/airdrop from a moderator must be checked by an admin in the backend before it will be posted to the Steem blockchain. Then the airdrop size will be stored in the comments JSON data and added to the wallet of that user.

All entries must contain the relevant information from that airdrop: Airdrop size, date, transaction ID and details of the airdrop with a link to the original post from the user.

As the UP token will not be released before March 2019 and because we don't plan any ERC20 token replacement in the meantime, the wallet does NOT need any send or withdraw features. It is merely a temporary stake overview for the user.

Here is an example from the @dlike wallet on with exactly the features 1UP needs:


Automatic Airdrops From Delegations

One important part of the airdrop program will be a daily payout for Steem Power delegators. Once per day the system must check the current delegation status and assign the UP tokens accordingly. There will be a 1:1 airdrop, rewarding one UP token for each delegated Steem Power. We will have a daily maximum of 250,000 UP tokens. If that limit is surpassed, the total of 250k daily tokens will be distrubuted via the percentual delegation amount of the delegators, resulting in a lower than 1:1 payout.

Just like with the manual airdrops, the automated airdrops will be added to the according wallets, including airdrop size, date, transaction ID and details of the airdrop. Here is an example from the @actifit wallet with automated payouts:


Token Holder Ranking

Additionally, we need a ranking list showing the top 100 token holders, based on the data from all existing wallets on 1UP. The user should also see the own position in that ranking. On the bottom of the list should be button to load the next 100 users into the ranking list.


This is an entire new section of the 1UP software and will work next to our existing code. The task will require working with SteemJ to access the Steem blockchain.


The wallet should be completed until October 8th, 2018. If more time is required then we are flexible for that.


We will communicate exclusively on the 1UP Discord channel. Please contact @flauwy or @stoodkev for all further details.



Besides the option to share your development contribution via @Utopian-io and receiving their precious upvote, we will offer a special 50,000 UP tokens airdrop for the developer after successful implementation of the wallet.



Thanks for the task request, @steem-1up! It seems like quite a lot of work will be needed to complete this task, but it's explained clearly, so hopefully you'll find someone up to the task!

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Thank you and we had already several requests and found one developer who is willing to do it and even thinks the deadline is realistic. You gotta love Steem communities. :)

Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

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We have found a developer with @smitop who has already started the work:


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