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RE: Tutorial (Godot Engine v3 - GDScript) - RigidBody Chain !

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Hi Wolfwin, I've only been around these parts for the past month and a half, so the answer to your question is, no I really don't. There are LOTS of posts coming in all the time and I've been adding lots of people that I've enjoyed reading, but it as varied from 'silver coin collecting', through 'graphics design, to 'motorbike venture across Europe' and ends up with the usual crypto articles!

There doesn't appear to be a lot here for Godot, which is a shame, but the search is a good start.

Coming back to subject, I'm still convinced doing your own "fake" physics (aka the Verlet tutorial I wrote) can be better when your game doesn't need the fully fledged physics engine; i.e. if you are trying to create a simple "Space Invaders", why deal with the invaders as rigid bodies? Yes, it can be done, but occasionaly, I find my machine gets a 'bit' stuttery. If that happened whilst I'm trying to kill marauding aliens, I'd get really angry!


Yeah, move_and_slide() and move_and_collide() can do most of the heavy lifting.

GDQuest, on youtube, has great Godot tutorials. You may want to check him out!

Ah yes, I'd started to stumble on a lot of his stuff.

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