Task Request: Logo for steemblr web app

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Steemblr is open source microblogging platform powered by steem blockchain . It allows user to post and explore content which is smaller than a traditional blog.

Screenshot of steemblr dashboard

I am looking for a logo to make app ready for alpha/beta release. Logo style should be similar to style you can see in dapps and organizations build around steem blockchain.

Source: steemit.com

Also logo should express what application is about, which means art, expression, lifestyle, microblogs.
As for my preferences: I prefer clean, slick, modern design, it should be light and inviting.


Created work should be usable as favicons, header logo in web app, and marketing brochures.

  • Icon, 32 x 32 px & 228 x 228 px .png format. This will be displayed as favicons.
  • Icon, 40 x 40 px .svg format. Icon displayed as logo in app header.
  • 320 x 100 px .svg format. Logo in landscape, this will be used in steemblr landing page.
  • 160 x 160 px .svg format. Logo in column, suitable for blog cover.


August 1, 2018


You can find me as @snwolak on steemblr and utopian discord channel




As a bonus, liquid reward for this post will be given for the best work picked by me.


This task request is now open.

  • Deadline: Post only to comments! The final time you can post the comment with your design is 1st of August 2018 23:59 UTC. After this deadline, your contribution cannot be rewarded by Utopian. (its deadline for posting to comments)
  • The best design choosen by the project owner following all requirements will be rewarded. Other works might be rewarded if they achieve high quality.
  • Make sure your design fits their current website and is usable in such format.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

Need help? Write a ticket on https://support.utopian.io/.
Chat with us on Discord.

First of all I would like to thank everyone for your design proposals. It was really great experience to work with all of you.

@andrejcibik my main pick is proposal made by @amirdesaingrafis
@amirdesaingrafis Please contact me on discord to complete the task.

I also find proposals made by @munadikiehl && @dimensco to be outstanding.


Greetings! @snwolak and @andrejcibik and congratulations to @amirdesaingrafis for your design.

I have a question, I would like to know if any of my designs meet the high quality standard of utopian, and if so, I would like to know what I must do now to be rewarded.

Good Day Sir @snwolak, here is my logo design for Steemblr.


Steemblr is a platform that promotes interaction between users through microblogging. The concept behind the design I made is the exchange of information. Two arrows that together form the letter S showing the sending and receiving of information, in other words the publication and reading of the published posts.





I hope you like it. If you want to ask for changes, please let me know.

I'm on Discord as camiloferrua#4759

Hello @snwolak I am very happy to present my proposal, I hope you like greetings and hugs. ;)


Hi Developers! @snwolak
It's my contribution to your Logo Task Request, hope you like it, if you want a change in color, I'll do it as soon as possible :)
Greetings @ariefmunanzar

Hi... This is my contribution, I hope you like it :)

Steemblr New Logo.jpg

I'm open for any suggestion, just let me know.
Best regards, Moenawar.
Thank you indeed.

@snwolak This is my second design proposal for your project.

I'm sorry that I couldn't post it with the first one, I'm having problems with my internet connection.




Hi @snwolak I present my proposal I hope you like it... If you want some change I can do it


Hi here my proposal I hope you like it, if you want to see a full post of the creative process of the logo let me know. Thank you for the opportunity.

Hello @snwolak, this is my logo submission for your project. I can make some revision if you want, just put some comment below or contact me on Discord dimensco #8267 :)

This is the logo if we put it on the website

This is the logo if we compare it with other logo in Steem Blockchain

My Early Skecth

Adding some spinner for loading effect

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