Black Market Artwork [Open Call Winner @ferjart]

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I'll trade you for some data...

This past week we created an open call for artwork and received some fantastic entries. Here's a breakdown of our favorites and the winning piece - by @ferjart!

Artwork Open Call: We called for a design a thumbnail illustration for The Creative Crypto Magazine focused on the theme of a black market for data. What would a black market for data look like? Have fun, be creative! See the full open call announcement, here. Stay tuned for the article on black market futures to be published next week!

Winner - @ferjart

We were struck by this beautiful illustration by @ferjart. The scene cleverly depicts 0's trading user data with 1's. It's a shady scene that we know all too well these days! Browsers, apps, and credit cards are all dealing your data and making a tremendous profit off of it.

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Honorable Mentions - @bronkong + @bidesign

This detailed and striking scene by @bronkong illustrates a van pulling by a highway stop for some shady goods. Maybe in the future we'll see data sales like we see farmers markets on the side of the road? What a world!

Support @bronkong's entry, here.

Inside this jacket there's dark data for days. Thank you @bidesign for your creative take on this challenge and fantastic composition! Is that a Litecoin + Ether on the brim of this gangster's hat? Amazing.

Support @bidesign's entry, here.

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Reward for @ferjart

The winner of this open call will have their work featured on Once published, the winning artist will also receive 85% of the payout via a @sndbox-gigs post.

Stay tuned for the next Open Call for Artwork which will be announced later today! Learn more about @sndbox-gigs - read our introduction. Thumbnail artwork by Creative Crypto illustrator @carrotcake.

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Thank you very much guys, congratulations to all the participants! :D

Congratulations @ferjart! Thank you for sharing your amazing work! :)

Thank you for the Contest @sndbox and gratulations to @ferjart

This is great, really illustrates the digital world we live in right now...
Everybody feels entitled to and demands your data, data is a commodity being bought and sold...
Im resteeming this.


These are great. That winning piece really hit the nail on the head. I look forward to following up with more work by this artist.

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