Promoting Utopian in a country with billion + population (INDIA) ADSET 1.

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I am Sachin Kumar aka @skpjr001 on steemit , a proud utopian , steemian on Steem blockchain platform and as an influencer this is my primary goal to shout out about various apps on steem blockchain in my country and area and tell about this awesome opportunity in their life and how it can be useful to them.


The promotion was targeted to reach between 17000 to 55000 people who live in INDIA from the age of 15+ to 65 years.


For now I m testing my adsets to get more data about audience to further scale the winning ad on this page. I have created an campaign for every app on steem blockchain to finding their audience to target properly to scale some ads in future.

Link to promoted Ad

Link to facebook page


The promotion was successfully able to reach 12434 + people with an impression of 14500+ and still active and will gain more reach and impression.

Proof of Impressions as requested

Screenshot of facebook ads manager
utopian proof.PNG

Video proof


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Please show the proof of impressions.

i updated the post with the screenshot of facebook ads manager.

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