Facebook Ads for VLC Media Player in India.

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I created an opensource campaign to let Indians know this opensource software well and may get good attention from viewers. In just 3 days , the Utopian.io promotion on skpjr001 Page got attention until it achieved 5566 impressions and 13 Post Click. I run an ad campaign on a facebook page to promote VLC Media Player to Indian people.


Throughout the campaign, my target audience is a Facebook user in India . between the ages of 18-50 years of facebook users. I made this campaign target to men and women user in facebook, target audience in my campaign is facebook users in India and also interested with computers , films , music , song and videos.

  • 8/3/2018 March until 10/3/2018 March
  • Location - Living In: India
  • Age: 18 - 50 Years Old
  • People Who Match: computers , films , music , song and videos.
  • This promotion ran for 3 days


The campaign started on 9/3/2018 February and runs out on 11/3/2018 March. campaign I set to 3 days and for 2 times boost post, I think 3 days total days is enough to get the reaction and attention of facebook users in India. the campaign run with no problem. campaign get attention and reach user more than 5000+ view , and the result is my promotion get good imppressions . The total now reaches 5500+ impressions & 15 Post Clicks.


In this post campaign I reach the minimum target as I planned, for more details you can see below !!

Post Results

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Ad Results

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Proof Campaign

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Owner of skpjr001

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Proof of Work (video)

Link Campaign

Facebook Page skpjr001

Post Campaign Promoted Ad

Author: @skpjr001

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