Utopian.io must remove its dependency on Steemconnect!

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This week utopian.io has seen login problems where for 4-5 hours the website could not be accessed. Also several utopian.io users seem to have lost their works as the utopian.io failed to connect to the steem blockchain. The problem originated with Steemconnect and did not directly relate to utopian.io. However, the sufferers were indeed hardworking utopian.io contributors.

How we all hate to see this !

The dreaded alert !

Utopian website could be accessed and the content could be read. But without logging in, the contributes could not contribute and the moderators could not review.

Such outages are bad for utopian.io's reputation as an innovative and next generation accelerator for open source software development. This also comes at a time when elear, the Italian master programmer behind the utopian.io launched yet another new feature (direct delegation to projects) on utopian.io.


The Solution:

The only solution to the problem is that utopian.io must remove its dependency on Steemconnect.
utopian.io should remain as an independent and self sufficient entity. That means, it should provide all features that are available on steemit.com. Only then can utopian.io claim its rightful place.


  1. Reduced downtime.
  2. Improved user experience.
  3. Improved user engagement as utopian chat would be available without any downtime.
  4. Increase in user base.
  5. Improvement in visibility.
  6. Improvement in utiopian.io image.


  • Since utopian.io is a relatively new entrant on the steem blockchain, TRUST is a major issue here. Users must trust utopian.io enough to use their private posting keys directly on utopian.io.

Timcliff, an emminent steemian raised certain queries at the time busy.org declared it would use steemconnect:

To this Fabien replied:

Hence, you can see how important the concern for security and trust is for steem blockchain. Since, steem blockchain is in the end about financial transactions.


We must strive to reduce dependency on Steemconnect as we have learnt from the recent episode of login problems and data loss, however, it must come after we have establisted the trust and security for the user accoutns. Utopian is truly a phenomenon and I would love to see the above suggestion implemented as soon as possible.


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I have mixed feelings about this.

If all 3rd party services use steemconnect, I keep myself safer since I don't need to share my private keys with every service I use.

However, this also centralizes the authentication services on steem and makes it a single point of failure.


Agreed - I've got mixed feelings on it as well. I personally have leaned more towards simply using the posting private key and saving it in the browser, as opposed to giving some entity out there permission to perform actions on my behalf.

In the end though - I don't think using a generic "posting" key or steemconnect are great options. They're just options we have now due to how the account system in steem works - which could use a facelift.


Would love to read your white paper for next hardfork!


Single Point of failure is what I worry about. If steemconnect does a better job, everyone's happy. But since this is not the case, I say let utopian.io handle "private posting keys" of users.

Your point is valid of course..

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


Thanks man!

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