Simple default code check command for Coala (open source software).

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What is Coala ?

Coala is an open source command line tool that lets you correct your code. It supports all popular programming languages like: Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, CSS, and several others. You can check out its Github repository and gitter channel.

Need to make Coala Newbie friendly !!

Coala is an excellent tool for a newbie coder to check and correct his code. It could save him a lot of hassle if he can run Coala without having to know much detail and write complex commands. Coala needs to aspire for ease of access and it could become a shining dagger in the armory of a newbie coder.

How easy using Coala (with default settings) should be?

It should be as easy as a pip installation. For those of you who do not know, pip is a python command that lets you install software. You just need to open the command prompt (python should be installed on the system) and just type:

pip install <software name>

pip install is supported by almost all softwares and is very user-friendly.

Installing coala by pip install !


How is Coala run (on default settings) presently?

Right now the command to run Coala is unnecessarily complex and confuses a newbie coder.

    coala -S python.bears=PEP8Bear python.files=\*\*/\*.py \--apply-patches --save

Advantages of simplifying the process

  1. Higher adoption.
  2. Increased user-friendliness.
  3. Increases interest in Coala software development.

How to contribute to Coala open source software development?

Connect on github
Connect on gitter

Additional Resources

  1. Welcome to coala
  2. Getting Started with Coala

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