Need SRS documentation for steemblog

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Write a System Requirement Specification (SRS) for steemblog.

Use this format for IEEE standards SRS documentation.

For more information on the steemblog project read the from the official repository.

Need for the document!

The document is needed to provide the various requirements for the steemblog. The purpose of the blog is presented in the file. Be elaborate and get in touch with me to know more about the project.

The format:

The format needs to be standard IEEE format. Here is the link for more info on the format. Leave the fields you do not feel that are related to the project. Two basic questions will need to be answered in the document, the purpose and the environment.

The purpose:

The purpose should be to display the best blogs in the steem platform and incentivize the curators, markers, moderators and developers to come together for this project. The blog will be the first to include advertising.

The Environment:

Since I am not a developer myself, I am not sure about this. Please explore the various options. Check out the official repositories of busy and utopian to find the answers.

What I want ?

I want the document to pave a way for further development and serve as a source of all questions for the developers and thinkers.

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Due to insufficient activity I am closing this one.

good post @shreyasgune , i resteem your post :)

wonderful post @shreyasgune ...

Just ordinary


This is a task request !

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Your request cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

You are requesting a documentation for a project that does not exist yet. There is not much the tech writer could work with.

You can contact us on Discord.


SRS document means systems requirement document. It is meant to be made before venturing into the development phase!!