Enable infinite scrolling down in DTube for better content discovery.

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The Problem:

You cannot scroll down for discovering more interesting content. This limits content discovery and user engagement. Seeing a website that constantly surprises you with new and interesting content could help DTube a lot.

How does DTube look after scrolling down ?

DTube after scrolling down maximum:

How should it look like for better engagement ?

Youtube as an example !

I scrolled down youtube till the end and new content kept comming !!

Facebook as an example !

I am not uploading an image of my facebook page, but the same functionality is available in facebook.

Why we need infinite scroll down ?

The human mind constantly needs to keep busy if it needs to engage intimately with the content. hence, we constantly need to input data into our users' brain.

How to implement the infinite scroll?

Theoritically, I suggest we show users the popular categories and subcategories, at first the most popular one and later the more abstract ones. Lets be ready for the most tenacious user ever and assume he can reach the last and most abstract subcategory (say 100th one we showed him). Lets just randomly reorganize the categories and subcategories now and show him the same content !! I bet he will not complain as long as he can keep scrolling down!!

Advantages :

  1. Improved user engagement.
  2. Increased consumer base.

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