Critically evaluate the idea for steemblog!

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The idea:

Please the the link below for the original idea for steemblog platform!
See the

Inviting thinkers for steemblog!

Steemblog will be a web app similar to busy or on steem blockchain. I intend to include advertising and only very high quality curated posts.

This is what I want from thinkers at

  1. Evaluate how can the idea make profits.
  2. Evaluate how can internet marketing freelancers be attracted to it.
  3. Evaluate how can developers and moderators be incentivized.
  4. Provide detailed development plan. What are the various components in the web development process that need to be accomplished.
  5. How can the process be sped up ?
  6. How can curators be incentivized to submit curations to be posted in this blog?
  7. What should be the ideal format for this blog?
  8. Should the blog include popular contents only?
  9. Should the blog include content that has already been paid out? If yes, how do we incentivize the authors.
  10. Should the blog restricted to a particular niche or genre ?
  11. How can advertising be incorporated in this ?
  12. Does creating a native asset/crypto currecy (say bitshares token) help in incentivising content creation or should steem be the only currecy ?
  13. How can the idea be improved?
  14. Where can we get the seed funding for developers ? How can help in this regard?
  15. What should be the name for our platform?

Make posts detailing your idea!! I'll review them myself!

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

The task request are not meant for brainstorming. You request the essential ideas for the project that you as the owner and creator should know. The thinker request should be for an existing project, not creating a new one.

You can contact us on Discord.


If brainstorming is not a valid task request, I think we need to remove the thinkers category. An existing project can be at an ideation stage.