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My Gif:

My Giphy Channel:

Cover photo:

My Process:
I used one of my own images that I took of my home town in PORTLAND OR early this year January 2017. It was snowing out at the time, very cold!

I used: After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator

Photo background: Going for the grungy look.

I made the image with the world in mind and made Utopian in 4 languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and English. I hope they are all spelled right! This wheel rotates around the logo, but doesn't need a mask cause the 50% gray is set to Overlay.

To create Atmosphere I added the videos layers from Action Essentials from http://www.videocopilot.net/ and I had to change the timing to match it up and create a seamless looping animation.

I used the vectors and made masks in Illustrator, also redo on the color for higher resolution. It was originally 30 sec and also rotated slower before I found out the hard way that Giphy only lets you do 15sec.

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Looks cool. I like how they move it feels like a clock.

nice post @sevlom777 , visit my post, and corrections :)

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This is fantastic! I really feel like I'm getting some where here!

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