Due to technological era, I Suggest for a finger print section to be added to esteem app For easy access and avoid hacking of account.

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eSteem is social application app where you get paid for posting good article/pictures commenting and curating.


As a technology era, I believe we should pass the level of using password on those site and app to prevent hackers from hacking peoples account through password guesting .
I suggest/propose that the programmers and developers should implement a way of loging in to the esteem app with finger print.

Mockups / Examples

when you click the menu buttom it leads to the next page where my suggestion comes in.

When the next page opens, this is how it looks like without my suggestion

When the next page opens, this is how it looks like with my suggestion


If my suggestion should be implemented, it will help users to have easy way of getting into the app without typing a long password, especially for those that are using a screen touch laptop with finger print, phones, iPad and taps that has finger print, cos we are advancing when it comes to technology, if the finger print section is implemented, hackers will fine it difficult to hack people's account especially those that will set their finger print as the only way to gain access to the app.

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Thank you

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Hello @sequential. This is a trivial suggestion
What about users that use emulators on Pc to access the esteem app

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That was why i said for some users that used laptop, phones,tabs and ipad that r touch screen. Nevertheless its ok