Suggestions for names under the symbols for easy navigation on coindesk app

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CoinDesk app is a cryptocurrency app that provides news, analysis, price charts, currency converter and price notifications. But lacks proper tag names to the symbols on the app.


I propose for the developers to tag all the appropriate names( Home, Currency chart, News, Calculator and Alert) under each of the symbols for easy navigation on the app.

Mockups / Examples

This is how the coindesk app is with only symbols.

This is how it will look like if implemented IMG_20180130_124406_661.jpg


If the above suggestions is implemented, it will go along way to help those that are not used to signs and symbols, if all the names are added under the symbols, Instead of contemplating on the meaning of the symbols, it's will be easy to just read and give a click on the option you want

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follow me .... i am a new in steemit

Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

You have chose the wrong repository it is the node client for coindesk API. I am not sure which repository is there for coindesk Frontend. Please list it if you can find it.


You can contact us on Discord.